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Are Google Map Maker sabotages to businesses common?

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Hi all, I recently started working for a restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf named Scoma's. The restaurant is number one in sales for the city of San Francisco and was established in 1965. Recently someone changed Scoma's address on Google. This has now resulted in a 20% reduction in web traffic to I requested an edit and it was confirmed BUT while the address may have been re-instated, all keywords related to searching for restaurants in Fisherman's Wharf leave Scoma's off the map. They were in the number THREE position for YEARS, now they do not even show up on the map for many keywords. 
My questions are:
1. How can I fix this total destruction of our SEO that has happened on Google Maps? 
2. How can I find out WHO changed our address!!??
Thanks you in advance for any info.
P.S. - before the address change if you typed 'fisherman's wharf restaurants' or 'restaurants in fisherman's wharf', Scoma's would rank number 2 or 3 on the Google suggestion and map. Now we are completely gone! We are not even ranked! Please help!
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December 2015

Re: Are Google Map Maker sabotages to businesses common?

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Hi @Nate B


This is your business page:


It is verified, so someone at the restaurant has access to the page, where you can edit business details.


Log into your business page and correct details here, not mapmaker.


(I would also Brand it up with Logo and Header Image )


I found this page, but its not live, so its not visible in search :


The address was changed an Hour ago by Google in Mapmaker


screencapture (32).png


I am assuming this is because it is the address listed on your website.




I am assuming this is because of the lack of consistency across the web, based upon your location. With a large amount of inconsistancy, Google is not 100% sure where the business is located and therefore is hesitant to display this.


Here are some inconsistent examples of address:


screencapture (33).png


So I would:


Correct my address in the business page and website:


Current >> Pier 47 & Al Scoma Way San Francisco, CA 94133, United States‎

Suggest >>Pier 47, Al Scoma Way San Francisco, CA 94133, United States‎


Then once address corrected, contact all external sources and correct address details.


In the mean time, I will try and find out about the changes.





Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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