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Another Restaurant location Hijacked

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Hello Google Support, this is another post for another restaurant.  This restaurant has been trying to get their account back for about 4 - 6 months.   It is a restaurant we provide a direct service for and they would like for us to manage their listing and put their official website on Google not the landing page that this 3rd party put. 


The restaurant Details: 
1) Kuzina (Hylan Blvd location)

2) 1458 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305

3) 718-980-4744


5) OFFICIAL WEBSITE:   (not the that you see posted on Google. 


You can contact me at anytime  - we could sit down with the owner and provide all documents needed to show proof this is our business.  But please help us get this resolved. 

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Another Restaurant location Hijacked

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why didn't the owner of the restaurant came to here asking for help?

Can you provide me any good proof the website the owner like to have ( is under their control?


If it is the official website of the greek restaurant I would suppose it is printed somewhere on there flyers or on their printed menue list.
Can you provide me a  scan of such a flyer or their printed menu showing is under their control?

And please explain me why in the listing for the restaurant neither your  mentioned"official" website is shown nor any other  third party website like "" is shown.


The verified GoogleMyBsuiness listing shows instead a GMB-created site as their website



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Another Restaurant location Hijacked

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Hello Helmut, unfortunately (Leo) the restaurant owner has very little idea
about the web especially "Google My Business". Just like 95% of restaurant
owners out there, which is why nearly 95% of Google My business listings
are claimed by 3rd parties out there to benefit themselves.

We work directly with the restaurant to provide a solution for them and
their customers.

Whatever the case is, is developed by "Valpak" it's a
local ad agency and is under their control - with of course permission and
is hired by Leo, the owner of Kuzina.

About the listing on Google showing the Google Business Site. Congratulate
me I have found a loophole which these 3rd parties have not realized yet,
but they will soon - by setting us as a Communication Manager, while we are
not able to do anything to the listing, Google allowed us to Publish their
website, which automatically removed the website that was posted by the 3rd
I just discovered this loophole and did it for a few places where these
companies set us as "Communication manager". Okay sorry for the long
email. Attached is the Menu Cover. Also you could call the restaurant at
718-980-4744 and ask them their website.

We were contracted directly by the restaurant and work closely with him to
help manage and maintain a web presence, for him, by him. Not for another
online ordering portal which takes his customers and advertises back to
them other restaurants.

Also important Note: There are 2 Kuzina Locations
1) on Huguenot = We have access to that location
2) this one in question which is on Hylan Blvd.

Thank you Helmut for your support.


Another Restaurant location Hijacked

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Helmut I just wrote a reply but realized the images didn't attach.

Another Restaurant location Hijacked

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Hi @Alex D


YOu might have seen from other threads I'm very careful helping people like you to get my help in such strange ownership issues.


To get sure I do the right things with the right people I would like having a private discussion with you using the same communication path I offered in an other thread "Another Listing stolen by BeyondMenu" to an other user "Menu S"


Read especially this post where I offered him how to reach me.

And perhaps read the entire thread also in order to see I finally started helping him.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile