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Another Company Is Claiming My Clients Business Page, Map Listing & Local Pannel

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Hi everyone.

A local financial advisory company I am working with has a problem with its G+, Maps, Business and local panel listings.


The clients site is :


When typing the brand name "Prismatic Wealth" into Google, I am getting "Prismatic Thinking" showing in the local panel and on the maps.


Google local/maps/business is not recognising that Prismatic Wealth even exists (although shows in the regular SERPS - this is a local only problem)


The company "Prismatic Thinking" was part of "Prismatic Wealth" but the "Prismatic Thinking" company split and then closed last year.


As such the address was the same (it was a shared office space building) and the logo was the same etc.


Prismatic Thinking is no longer in business - but Google is displaying information for Prismatic Thinking when a search for Prismatic Wealth is carried out. This is there G+


I also have access to a google account for Prismatic Thinking:


I am wanting Google to recognise Prismatic Wealth and display the correct page for Prismatic Wealth. Prismatic Thinking needs to either be edited to appear as Prismatic Wealth - or it needs to be deleted.


Prismatic Wealth currently has these google pages:


What is the best course of action for me to get Google to display information about on maps, the local pack and the local panel in SERPS?





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Re: Another Company Is Claiming My Clients Business Page, Map Listing & Local Pannel

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi @Adam F,


Thanks for writing, and my apologies for the delay in my response. Prismatic Thinking still looks to be marked as open. I would recommend going into your account and marking Prismatic Thinking as closed (or closed, then moved). I'd also recommend this article on search ranking to help Prismatic Wealth's search ranking. 


Hope this helps!




GMB Community Manager