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Anonymous person claimed my GMB listing is dangerously misrepresenting it

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An anonymous person claimed my GMB listing. This is detrimental to my business and our community because: (1) People lives could be endangered due to the misinformation in the listing—it is completely wrong. (2) It has confused, misled and upset a lot of potential customers. (3) Our sales associates are inundated with this issue and are apologizing for the confusion more than they can spend time with actual sales leads. (4) This is identity theft and has a hugely negative impact on our business reputation and sales. 


I have requested ownership from the current anonymous owner per GMB's guideline, waited 7 days (per Google's timeline requirements) only to be denied in the last hours by the current owner. I have suggested edits and was ignored. This is extremely frustrating.


I am a home builder. We just broke ground and are in the process of marketing our home designs via a pre-construction sales campaign. I have also reached out to our marketing and advertising teams that are working on this campaign and none of them have access to our GMB listing either.


This anonymous person (current owner) of the listing has taken the name of our new community and described it as an apartment rental agency which is totally incorrect. And that's not the worst part: this anonymous person listed the address of our active construction site (which is actually against GMB's listing policy). Innocent and unassuming people are driving up to the site and endangering themselves, their families and our construction crew. This has been going on for a week and a half now and we need it to stop immediately!


Please help us to remove this listing and block this person from doing any more harm to our our lives, livelihood and community.


I'm taking this very seriously. An immediate response and action is greatly appreciated. Please see the listing below and let me know if there is any other information needed or anything I can do to facilitate a solution. Thanks in advance for your attention and all efforts.