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Address not Changing

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Our business, Meredith Connell, recently relocated. We noticed after relocating that our business had been marked as closed. After some advice I registered our new address, '4 Graham Street - Auckland Central - New Zealand' and awaited our postcard. This arrived Thursday and the code was entered Friday. It'w now over 72 hours since I entered the verification code but our listing has not changed. How long is this likely to take?


Phone number (09) 336 7500



Thank you.

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Re: Address not Changing

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Top Contributor
Hi Meredith

I'm sorry but I"m not sure what your question is?

When I go to the page you've linked to I can see the new address is there and the page is verified so it shows up in Maps:!4m2!3m1!1s0x6d0d47f1bcbc67ff:0x5916111e7338...

Do you mean that when someone does a search for the business name the old address is coming up in preference to the new address?

If so, then there's a bit more work that will need to be done to minimise that happening:
1. Contact GMB support via either Facebook: or Twitter @GoogleMy Biz and ask them to mark the old address as having moved to the new location.
2. Increase the number of citations that list your business address - I can't find any reference to your new address online apart from your website. Are there legal directories that you could be listing your business on? If so, I recommend you do that - this will increase Google's trust in your new address and decrease the likelihood that the older address will show up.
3. Mark up your address on your website using - your website developer will know what I mean by that.
4. Embed Google's actual map (from your maps listing) in your Contact us page rather than the stylised map. Again, it's all about building trust.

Good luck!

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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