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Account Issue

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Business Name: Oxygen Learning

Address:1505 Westlake Ave N #940, Seattle, WA 98109

Telephone: (206) 588-1856

Google + URL 1:

Google + URL 2:



My name is Nick Rampey and I work for Oxygen Learning and operate our Google + account(s). For some reason we have two accounts and I was wondering if there is a way to merge two into one account. The first one listed above is the non-business account I believe, while they second URL listed about is our business account. 


I have only been working here for about a couple of months and these pages were created long before I was here so I'm not entirely sure why there are two but I think it had to do with setting up a YouTube account. From what it seems, the first URL is needed in order to log in to the 2nd URL, so it is basically the "mother account" if you will. 


Does anyone know how to help me resolve this so that the only account I log into will the be business account (2nd URL).






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Re: Account Issue

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Top Contributor
Hi Nick

Short answer to your question is yes you should be able to link the two pages together :) providing you have access to both pages.

The way to link the two pages is shown in this help article:

Essentially you'll be linking this brand page: to your Local page: but to do so you will need to be the owner of both pages.

If you have any issues linking the two together, don't hesitate to circle back here and ask for more help.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Account Issue

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Ah thank you so much! Yes, I do have access and manage both pages. I'll give that a try and if I run into any issues I'll reach back out to you.