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4.2K members online now
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Access to Google My Business and rogue listing (on Google+)

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Hi, my company has six verified locations in Google My Business. I'm having two issues:


1. The primary owner on these is a personal account that was set up when the company was small. We use gsuite for our work emails now and I've added my gsuite email as an  'owner' on all six locations under 'users', but try as I might I cannot log into the Business dashboard with my work account. Any ideas what I need to do? Our IT admin says this is nothing to do with him...


2. During a recent rebrand, we found that there is a rogue Google+ account associated with our company: - This was most probably created by a former member of the marketing department who has since left - is there a way to find out the account associated with a google + page so we can sort out either closing it or updating it?