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2 almost identical entries for a business - GMB contact

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Hello all,

Rather not put the website on this forum so my question is really - how do I contact GMB to give them full details of my issue?


Our website and company location is found on google and google maps without an issue.


I noticed last night that it's also found if someone types the name wrongly - only it was a completely different search result, just located at the same place. I grabbed ownership of this one (I am not currently owner of the original one) on Google Business. I changed its name to the correct business name. When I "google" for the company name the original one is found. When I "google" the incorrect name, it comes up with the one I own (but now spelt correctly)


I would really like to completely delete the new one as the original is correct and has the reviews on it.

I don't want to mark it as permanently closed or any other options I can see. I need a real google person to review the 2 sites, realise they are the same, and get rid of the interloper.


Can someone advise how I can explain this to a real google person?

Many thanks!


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2 almost identical entries for a business - GMB contact

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Hi @Rob G,


You can contact support following the instructions here: Google My Business Help - Talk to a specialist or here: Google My Business Help - Other Problem.


Thank you.