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2 Clients - 1 Location - 1 Big Issue

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So I have 2 clients that I do all the digital marketing for. 


If you reference the image attached below you will see a search for 'topsoil delivery' with Garden State Mulch Supply coming up 1st, and CJC Topsoil Delivery coming up 3rd. 


Garden State Mulch Supply (GSMS) and CJC Topsoil Delivery used to share the same location. The issue is that GSMS is no longer at this location but their Google My Business location is and they outrank CJC for every local keyword search related to Topsoil. Since they are ranking first, CJC is losing quite a lot of business. 


GSMS listing is not verified yet still stands. Again they are both my clients but have been advised by CJC to try to get it deleted and I do believe getting it deleted is the right thing to do since GSMS is no longer located there but do not want to come in between their issue and have this trace back to me in anyway. Any suggestions?? 


Screenshot 2017-10-17 22.04.58.png