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1 Restaurant, 2 adresses and pictures conflicts

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Last year, we re-opened our Restaurant GRADE again on another location after a permanent close of one year on the previous old location ‘O’.

Our Google Primary Owner at that time added the new location ‘N’ somewhere in November 2017.

In the ‘Manage Locations’ ‘O’ was Permanent Closed & had the status ‘Verify now’. ‘N’ is publiced.

So far, so good.



  1. I cannot get rid of the old pictures & video’s posted by someone for the Old Location Restaurant ‘O’. They keep on appearing in the New Location. I simply cannot delete them, even if I am the primary owner now
  2. I deleted this morning the Old Location ‘O’ (after checking the Google Help) in locations hoping the old pictures would be deleted as well. The old pictures are still there.
  3. In addition: I am not able to activate the Profile Picture & Cover Photo. It always shows me pictures of the ‘O’
  4. So I think, there must be an invisible link somewhere that I cannot see and solve.



All the rest is working fine: opening hours, posts, google maps… .


I hope someone knows the issue & can help me. Should you need more input, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hilde (from Belgium)

1 Restaurant, 2 adresses and pictures conflicts

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# 2
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Hi Hilde E.


Google My Business


Remove photos from your business listing

These directions describe how to remove photos that you’ve added. To flag user photos that violate content guidelines or the law, follow these steps.


  1. Sign in to Google My Business and choose the listing that you’d like to manage.
  2. Click Photos from the menu.
  3. Click the photo that you want to delete.
  4. Click the bin icon Delete in the top right-hand corner.


  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Tap the menu icon , then tap Business Photos.
  3. Tap the photo that you’d like to remove.
  4. In top right-hand corner, tap the menu icon , then tap Delete.

Any new profile photo that you upload will also be saved in your page’s public "Profile photos" album. cover photos, logos and business-specific photos can be found in your "Identity photos" album.

1 Restaurant, 2 adresses and pictures conflicts

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# 3
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Dear Noi A,


The problem is that I do not see the Photos I want to delete in the 'Google My Business' Photos menu.


I can only see them when I google Grade & click on See Outside. The pictures of 2013 & 2014 are from 'before' the permanent close of the old location.

My client does not know anymore who has put them (photos & videos) & I cannot see the author. I assume it is a Google Virtual tour. I can only click (in the upper right corner) on thumb up & thumb down & on a flag (= to report a problem on the picture).

An example of a 2013 video is: Click here.


I can see all pictures of 2017 & 2018 in the 'Google My Business' Photos menu & those have delete bin.


I hope this clears out my problem.


Thank you for answering,



1 Restaurant, 2 adresses and pictures conflicts

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# 4
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Is there someone to help me solving the issue I have above? - THANK YOU