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Google My Business on Mobile

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Google My Business app for Android and iOS was launched in May 2015. You can download the free app in the Google Play Store or from the App Store.


The mobile app lets you manage your Google Business information, profile, social shares, analytics, even user access and more via the app. If you manage multiple business, they are all listed there as well, a bit hard to get back to, you need to click the arrow down near the business in the slide out menu.


So let’s check where exactly Google My Business app comes into play when it comes to mobile search? Well, you’re actually more likely to see a Google My Business listing on mobile before you get to any website. Here are the three main areas where GMB is important: 


  • Business information
  • Branding
  • Reputation


Business Information

On the app, you get a map, opening hours and a click to call button, along with a link through to the business website if you feel you want to check that out too. That’s what more than 50% of the people would like to see. That results in searchers taking action, with 4 in 10 people calling the business and 45% will actually visiting the business. This means that having the right phone number and a correct pin marker for your business on the map ensures you are not missing calls or sending people to the wrong store. If there’s bad data on your listing, claim and get it verified, and you have all the rights to edit and correct information.



Google My Business gives you an opportunity to really showcase your business through mobile search. Get a good cover photo uploaded which would speak volumes about what you do especially when coupled with additional photos and a Google Business View, which would allow searchers to actually see and feel how your business looks from inside and within. (Click here to learn more about Google Business Views.) By having a complete listing you are establishing trust and transparency with the consumer. You are more likely to be seen as a well-established business and one that knows what they're doing.



Getting your business found on maps and getting searchers to click and find information about your business is a whole different cup of tea. Showcasing what you do will help but getting honest reviews will really set you apart. The screenshot below a little higher up of the food joint here in Miami Beach show just how much the gold star ratings for the top two really make them standout, especially in mobile search. Over 80% of searchers remember seeing reviews on a completed listing.


Star ratings make a strong impact on searchers’ minds. Get at-least 5 reviews which shall trigger the gold stars gradually to show on your listing and help to make your business stand out from the rest. Remember to ask happy customers to leave a review for you and start putting a link to your Google+ Page in your email signature and newsletter, if you have one. Adding a G+ Icon on your website is also a good way for your customers to reach your listing and have it reviewed. Remember, keep the reviews honest as they are a reflection of the services you provide!


Bottom Line

This app cannot get more simpler. According to research from Google themselves “businesses with complete listings are twice as likely to be considered reputable by customers.” If you want to make sure that searchers have the right contact information for you, that they can find you on Google Maps and that they’ll get in touch because of how you’ve showcased your business and built your reputation then Google My Business is essential for local mobile search success.


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Re: Google My Business on Mobile

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Thank you for sharing this information!

Re: Google My Business on Mobile

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It is clean and simple, but almost too simple. Now that business accounts are forced to use this as we can't access our pages in the Google+ app, the glaring item that is missing is the stream of people we follow back. This really limits engagement, especially for users who created their "business" page for use with our YouTube channels when we were prompted to because we didn't use a regular first or last name because we wanted to brand our channels and separate it from our personal accounts. This to me is a huge oversight and limits are ability to engage people where they are by being active with them and in communities related to our business. I hope this is addressed very quickly or added back to Google+ app. The linking and unlinking of YouTube with G+ and now this has been a huge loss to a large community of users who gave up forums to use Google Plus to foster helpful communities that also combine YouTube and Hangouts for a full experience.