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What is the best solution to track mobile app installs?

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Hi guys, any help appreciated!


As far as I can see we have three options:

- Firebase - been using this in my iOS and android apps for Push messages, proved to be very buggy in that, dunno how install tracking proves thogh

- Adwords SDK - will be deprecated i heard?

- Google analytics - may be an option as well


One important thing is that I need to track installs from all campaign types (Mobile app installs, Mobile app engagement, Ads in mobile apps, search campaigns, Google Play search campaigns, Google Display Network) - i heard i can run into issues as some of SDKs wont track some campaign types (like on CPA basis), while others do


Sorry, the documentation is pretty segmented and we cant find a breakdown of pros, cons and abilities of each solution.
Appreciate your help



Re: What is the best solution to track mobile app installs?

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Hi Alex
The choice will depend on the mobile partners you want to track and the payout models you want to work on.

1. Adwords SDK: Deprecated or not wont help you much for channels other than AdWords
2. Firebase: Does not seem to be completely stable yet to me from my experience too
3. Google Analytics : Works great for App tracking but definition of Install is bit skewed, not a lot of marketing partners are integrated for Postbacks, CPA payouts will be difficult because of install definition.

The choice will depend on choice of your marketing partners and payout methods. Depending on your need you can take a look at some 3rd party tracking tools too.

Regards, Nik
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Re: What is the best solution to track mobile app installs?

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Hi Nik,

Thanks for the reply!

Actually i need it only for convenient Google networks traffic only tracking - for other partners i use Flurry tracking and its good.

Have you been using firebase for installs tracking where it was not so stable?

So if we take Adwords networks only - what would you recommend from that three options?