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Universal App Campaign : redundancy while searching for the name of the app

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I've got an Universal App Campaign for my application, let's call it "Zyxxyz" : An unique name on the Play Store and even quite unique on the Internet (the actual name is even more unique than Zyxxyz !). 


What happens is that people who search for my application on the Play Store will type "Zyxxyz" on the search bar, and then what they have is  :


- They have the universal app campaign add for Zyxxyz, that proposes them to download Zyxxyz, with the one-line slogan etc.

- Just under the ad, they have the standard search result for Zyxxyz : my app, and only my app.


So the potential customer sees two similar looking lines when searching for my app. And moreover, I pay for the click if they choose to click on the ad instead of the search result, while I'd have had a free visit to the Play Store application page with the standard search result.


I understand Universal App Campaign are designed to have no tunings by the user. But to make it brief, if I'm lucky enough to have an unique name, and that some users are already searching for this unique name for other reasons (ads in magazines etc), does I mean I should stop using Universal App Campaigns and deal with the real Adwords campaigns instead ?


Or can this redundancy be avoided by some mean ?


PS : I choose not to give my application's real name because it seems here to be the common practice, but if it's needed for the answer I can name it.


Best regards,

Emmanuel, Adwords beginner





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Re: Universal App Campaign : redundancy while searching for the name of the app

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Hello there;
I think you could exclude a specific App similar to excluding placements.
"For Display Network campaigns that specifically target the Google AdMob network of apps, you can add individual mobile apps as ad group or campaign placement exclusions. Here are the marketing objectives and campaign types that let you do this:"
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Universal App Campaign : redundancy while searching for the name of the app

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Hi Emmanuel,

Moshe's advice is great if you do decide to switch to another campaign type besides Universal App Campaigns, but when you're using the UAC, there isn't an option to exclude placements.

In general--is the campaign working well for you as a Universal App Campaign? If it is overall giving you a good ROI, it may be worth keeping the campaign "as-is."

The question of whether to pay for your ad to show on your own brand name is a question a lot of advertisers grapple with using regular Search Only campaigns as well. In some cases they find that appearing in both the ad placements (at the very top of the page) as well as the organic results boosts their brand recognition and credibility; in other cases it's not necessary. Just keep in mind that starting a new campaign type to promote your ad will involve considerable testing and iterating on your part to determine which targeting works best for your goals.

Let me know if you have additional questions and if that makes sense!

Re: Universal App Campaign : redundancy while searching for the name of the app

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Thanks for the answers Moshe and Cassie, I'll have to think about all this !