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Ratio of clicks to calls for CALL ONLY CAMPAIGN

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What's the average ratio of clicks to calls on a call only campaign?


it's very frustrating as I've now spent up to $20 for clicks that didn't turn into a call. Gotta love automated bidding (CHANGED!)  Early days for me, but I'm seeing a 25% click to call ratio. That's a horrid ratio IMHO.


If I use a google tracking number can this be minimized or preferably eliminated? I'll gladly pay up for a REAL call, not a $20 click to nowhere.

Re: Ratio of clicks to calls for CALL ONLY CAMPAIGN

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Hi @Rob H,


In my experience 25% click to call is about right as a ratio.


Over time I think this ratio will naturally increase to higher levels, but at this point user adotion of this conversion format is low because it's a new / unknown thing to searchers.


Even though the ads say 'Call: xxx' in the headline, at this point I believe that most users still don't expect to be taken to their phone's dialling screen (where they then have to actually press call on their phone itself so convert to a call in AdWords terms). I believe that most people are click happy on these type of ads at the moment, but when they get taken to the call screen they more often than not get a surprise at this and go back to their browser looking for non-click to call ads.


I don't see how changing a tracking number at this stage would improve the ratio, personally.


And of course, to state the obvious, the further you refine your campaign based on conversion data as time goes on I'm sure you can improve the ration that way as well.


Furthermore - you ultimately have to look at the ROI from click to call campaigns vs. regular Search to website to call campaigns. With click to call, even if you need 4 clicks to get a call, that's still a 25% conversion rate and is probably going to generate a better CPA than the conversion rate of a regular Search to website to call campaign. The exception to this may be CPC levels varying which will affect the CPA, as I have seen click to call campaigns have higher CPCs.


However, let's say your click to call CPC is $5, so 4 clicks with a 25% conversion rate is a $20 CPA.


On the other hand, let's say your regular Search to website to call CPC is just $2.50, but you need 10 clicks to get a call with a 10% conversion rate (which is quite good for more sites, IMO), that would be a CPA of $25.


So it all has to balance out. Best of luck in finding what works for you.

Jack Porter-Smith
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