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Mobile App Install for IOs

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I would need some help with the setting of Mobile App install campaigns.

I am trying to advertise the mobile App of a friend (IOs only), I launched some mobile app install campaigns for Search network only and they are all currently eligible (no mistakes) but they didn't generate any impression in 3 days, so I am pretty sure I did a mistake somewhere that is not allowing for the ads to trigger impressions. 


Do you know if these ads are currently available on the Search network for the IOs apps?

Do I need to upload a tracking parameter for it to work?


Many Thanks in advance for your help,


Re: Mobile App Install for IOs

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Hey Alessia, how are things?


You're probably missing some configuration in order for it to work. You don't need tracking parameter for this to work and yes, iOS apps are available for Search Network on mobile.


Make sure to include everything the campaign needs in order for it to work. This page might help:


You can also provide more detailed information on your campaign for us to try understand what went wrong.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Mobile App Install for IOs

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Hi Leandro,

thank you so much for your answer.
I created the campaigns by following exactly the same file you sent me. I went for manual CPC bidding, with CPC of £1 of all keywords (which usually on search, for the same business, performed very well with average position 1.7)
I created 1 ad following the process on adwords for App install campaigns. I added broad match modifier and exact keywords relevant to the business.
at the end of the process it told me it would use the Conversion tracking I had already created for mobile app download.

All the campaigns have been accepted and are eligible.
I really don't understand where the mistake could be! Smiley Sad Any idea?

Thank you so much,