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Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

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We recently launched a mobile app engagement campaign, and we encountered some difficulties. We linked the campaigns to the app (both Search and Display, both Android and iOS), and we uploaded users lists (Ad IDs). We are running them in US and Canada. Although the lists contain millions of users, for some reason the number of impressions and clicks is very low (~300,000 a day). Has anyone here ever managed an app engagement campaign? We want to make sure that all the settings were set up correctly.
Just to clarify, half of the Display campaigns are targeting the user lists only and the other half are targeting the lists, layered with placement targeting of "All Apps" (which shouldn't limit the reach). We don't think that it's a problem of bids or budget.


Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

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Hello Nizan,

Did you set the placement options at the campaign levels or Ad group level?


What I mean is this - Is the "All Apps" placement targeting option in a separate ad group on same campaign with the 'User list' targeting? If yes, you my want to consider creating a separate campaign for each targeting option.





Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

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Hello Chidinma,


Thanks for replying to my question!

We are running some campaigns where we only target the user lists without any layering, and for the other campaigns we target "All Apps" on the ad group level. The only reason to target "All Apps" is for the ads to show on mobile apps, but because we thought that it may narrow our targeting, we created the campaigns where target the lists only.

Because we separated the targeting methods, I don't think that's the problem. I'm just trying to understand how Mobile App Engagement campaigns work, and why our impressions are much lower than the size of our lists. On the first we launched, we got 200,000 impressions from an Android campaign that targeted all lists in one ad group, but it suddenly stopped after about 6 hours. Then we divided the targeting to multiple ad groups, each ad group targets a different list, but it didn't increase the amount of impressions that day. The next day we saw that suddenly the iOS campaigns are gaining most of the impressions (targeting the same users, but through different lists that we linked to the iOS app instead of the Android app).

We figured that what may have caused the sudden stop in impressions for Android was the daily frequency cap (set to 3 per campaign per user per day), but the fact that we didn't come anywhere near 200,000 impressions the following day is what confuses me. Can you think of anything that could have caused it? Do app engagement campaigns can target each user only once or something?

One thing that I could think of is that the lists are actually much smaller than what the interface tells us, but that wouldn't explain the difference in Android between the first day and the following days.


Thank you for your kind help!