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Im getting 95% of conversions from display network of Universal App Campaign

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I have created universal app campaign for my health related mobile app three months back. The campaign is running good and most of the conversions are from display network.

My question:

Is there any optimization tips for getting more conversions from search network rather than display network of universal app campaign?


Re: Im getting 95% of conversions from display network of Universal App Campaign

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Hi Ramagiri,

So I can understand better, do you have two campaigns running, one for search and another for display? Or are you talking about a campaign using display select?

Kind Regards
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Re: Im getting 95% of conversions from display network of Universal App Campaign

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Hi Ramagirl,

I have a SaaS product that performs really well on display. Here is how I Doubled conversion rate and lowered my CPA on display for Apps.

I created more than 50 Campaigns - This is how it's sorted
1. Master Search Terms display campaign
2. Master Affilinity Audience TOPICS display campaign
3. Master GMAIL ads Campaign
4. Master REMARKETING Campaign
5. Master AFFINITY Audience INTERESTS display campaign
6. Master MANUAL PLACEMENTS display campaign
7. Master IN-APP PLACEMENTS display campaign

Each MASTER CAMPAIGN has 8 or more child campaigns targeted to different geographic regions based on TIME ZONES and or demographic match opportunity.
TIME ZONE based child campaigns are important because the time of day certain ads are served are import. My Hours for each timezone is split at following.

Before Work 12M - 6AM
Morning Birds 9AM-12N
Early Afternoon 12N-3PM
Late Afternoon 3PM-6PM
After Work 6AM-12M

Some child campaigns target Only Male, I exclude FEMALE and exclude UNKNOWN so I have male oriented ads there
Some child campaigns target only Female, I exclude MALE and exclude UNKNOWN so I have only female oriented ads there

The account is serving more than 10,000 display ads worked on over 18 months, but it's worth it.

The BEST PERFORMING campaigns for me are

I get thousands of clicks on GMAIL campaign at $0.03cpc, conversions poor but also low cpa, so i just cap gmail cpc to about 0.05.
After I add MANUAL PLACEMENTS, I exclude on remarketing, search terms, topics and interests campaigns.

The winning ad combinations for MANUAL PLACEMENTS are as follows

a. Create one ad group per manual placement, starting with top level domain
a2. Create ad group for a manual placement page
b. A/B test ads to match the color scheme/theme of the the MANUAL placement
c. When targeting exact page, write in the Display Ad similar to the H1 on that actual page - with a call to action

Search Network:
My SaaS search generally has terrible CPA because keywords are >$8, but I focus mostly on long tail exact keywords and bid only $0.50 on long tail keywords
Combine Search Campaigns with Re-marketing lists.

Combine Search Campaign with FACEBOOK ads.
Facebook Advertise your product -
Remarket Facebook clicks to search remarketing - you will get much better Search CPA than any other remarketing type (in my experience)

Search Branded campaign is always the best performing search campaign
make single [exact] adgroups for your Search Branded campaign for yor most popular branded terms.
make a +bmm branded campaign to capture the other brand terms
make your top [exact] brand terms negative keyword in your +bmm ad groups

Top performing Competitor Terms campaign
Best ads for competitor terms are "Free Download/Free Trial, Put Us To the Test Against The Others" type of ad.
Conversions are relatively low, but keep cpc under $0.50

A really good Facebook Company page combined with search Brand Campaign gets you best results on Search Network campaign

Landing Pages - Make special landing pages per campaign and/or ad group as possible for best performance

Good luck!