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Device preference Mobile

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I got this advice from Adwords support regarding my display campaign


As you are getting more conversions from mobile devices I recommend you to please opt in for mobile devices, because this will give your ads preference to be displayed more on mobile devices, while standard text ads and extensions are given preference on desktops, laptop computers, and tablets and as you are getting more conversions on mobile devices, I recommend you to make use of this feature. 


So if i select Device preference Mobile will that increase my mobile impressions?

Will it decrease my desktop impressions?

Should i create copies of an ad just for mobile and just for desktop to get maximum impressions?

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January 2016

Re: Device preference Mobile

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting to the Community! I'll try and break this down a bit more simply:

Selecting the "mobile" checkbox on an ad or ad extension will not necessarily increase or decrease your mobile or desktop impressions. Likewise, making a copy of an ad just to make it "mobile preferred" will not do you much good either. This feature is most useful when you have targeted copy you want to show to mobile and separate copy you want to display on desktop and tablets.

For example, your call to action on a mobile preferred ad might say "Call Now!" whereas the call to action on a desktop ad could say "Learn more." Each is written specifically for the device it is targeting.

If you have mobile-specific copy, then having separate ads which are mobile preferred is a good way to boost your mobile performance. It can improve your clickthrough rate and conversion rate, if you're tracking phone calls, and the increased clickthrough rate can help your quality score on mobile.

Hope this helps!

Re: Device preference Mobile

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Thank you, Cassie.
You are great help as always!