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Ad extensions for mobile and desktop

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For PPC search only ads - I would like to use a call extension on ads that show on mobile and site link extensions on ads that show on desktop.

I would like to use the same keywords for both the mobile and desktop ads.

What is the best way to organize the keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns to achieve this?

It appears that I cannot have multiple ad groups that use the same sets of keywords.


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December 2015

Re: Ad extensions for mobile and desktop

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Hi @Tread L,


Welcome to Advertisers Community!


A Search Network Only campaign shows call and sitelinks extensions both on mobile and desktop devices by default. You do not need to have any additional settings for it. However, if you want to get more exposure on mobile devices, you can make use of Device Bid modifier and can bid more aggressively on mobile devices. 


There's one more option where you can write specific Sitelinks for mobile devices which will show primarily on mobile devices. To do so you can select the checkbox for device preference while writing your sitelink extensions. 


There's no way you show call extension specifically on mobile devices only and sitelinks on desktop devices only. I don't know as to why you would like to achieve this, but if you really want this setup, my advice would be - write specific and separate sitelinks for mobile devices and desktops . About call extension, even if they show on desktop devices, they are not going to harm you any way. Consider a situation when somebody searches Google for your keywords on desktop, finds your ads, and instead of clicking your ads, give you a call by noting down the number from your ad. You got a call without paying anything to Google. Don't miss that opportunity. 


One more thing, if calls are really important from mobile devices, why not experiment with Call Only ads? You can use a negative bid modifier for mobile devices on your usual search network campaign and can have a different call only campaign specifically for mobile devices, and that too with the same set of keywords. 


My two cents. 


Ratan Jha




Re: Ad extensions for mobile and desktop

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Thanks Ratan.