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About Cross-Device Conversions (All Conversions) in AdWords #MobileMonday

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We know that mobile phones have changed how customers interact with their favorite brands and businesses, but for many advertisers, this change is not yet reflected in the way they measure their marketing results. Consider this: a 2015 study by Google and Ipsos Media CT found that 40% of online shoppers start their research on a smartphone and make their final purchase on a computer or tablet.1


If you’re only checking the Converted Clicks column in your account, you may not be seeing these “cross-device” conversions that begin on one device or browser and are completed on another.


We can track this behavior using aggregated and anonymized data from users who have previously signed into Google services. Cross-device conversions will only be reported if there is enough data to make an accurate determination that a cross-device conversion occurred, so in some cases, you may not see cross-device conversions reported for your campaign.






Follow the steps bellow to check if your customers are converting across multiple devices, and then to use that data in your campaign optimization.

Add the All Conversions Column

  1. From the Campaigns section of your account, click on the Columns button
  2. Click Modify Columns
  3. Choose Conversions under Select Metrics
  4. Click the arrow next to All Conversions
  5. Click the blue Apply button


The column will now be listed at the far right side of your data table.

Include Cross-Device Conversions in your Conversion Column

Including cross-device conversions in your AdWords conversions can give you a more complete picture of your advertising’s impact on your bottom line.


If you use automated bidding strategies that optimize for conversions, you can tell Adwords to include any cross-device conversions in your bidding strategies like Enhanced CPC or Target CPA by following these steps:


  1. Go to Tools > Conversions at the top of your account
  2. Navigate to Settings in the left side panel
  3. Set your Conversion Bid Metric to Conversions, and check off Include cross-device conversions



1 The Role of Mobile Search on Store Purchases, Google/Ipsos Media CT, August 2015. Purchases were made within the past 3 months.







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Re: About Cross-Device Conversions (All Conversions) in AdWords #MobileMonday

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Have questions about turning on cross-device conversion tracking in your account? Leave them below!

Re: About Cross-Device Conversions (All Conversions) in AdWords #MobileMonday

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Hi Cassie,

Thank you for the useful tip!
For your knowledge, would this feature work if we use third-party bidding platform, such as Marin Software? Technically, in AdWords UI, our campaign settings are set for manual bidding, so not sure how this would work here.

Thanks again!


Re: About Cross-Device Conversions (All Conversions) in AdWords #MobileMonday

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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for reading! Third-party platforms all interact with AdWords a bit differently, so I would recommend checking with Marin's support and they should be able to share details on how their platform uses (or doesn't use) the "All Conversions" metric in bidding optimization.