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3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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I am new to Google Adwords. I got to know that Google no longer supports Standard Text Ads as the same has been updated to Extended Text Ads.


My Issue is with Ad rejection because of 3rd party mobile landing page.
My Client is using a 3rd party mobile website for users visiting from mobile.

For eg, Clients Desktop website URL is which i have used in adwords campaign as Display URL.
But if the Ad is visited from a mobile device then the Desktop website redirects to the 3rd party mobile site having URL as
Due to this redirection i feel my ads are getting dissaproved.

I thought of a solution but not sure if it will approve my ads.

Solution Thought:


I am thinking to create a sub-directory for mobile site as
In this, i will place iframe of the 3rd party mobile website ""

So my ads wont get rejected due redirection to other base domains.

Please guide me if my thought solution may work or please provide a better solution.

Thanks in advance  Smiley Happy

3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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Hi Kunal

Simply destination and displayed url must indicate this same domain.

Please, don't cheat users.

IMO the best solution is to create different campaigns to desktop and mobile with different destination domains Smiley Wink

3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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Hi Łukasz,


Yes i understand the seriousness of not cheating users by landing them on other base domain since the time Google ETAs are launched. That is why i am here asking for some creative solution, if any.


I would although consider your opinion of having two different camps, just unsure if the client would agree upon it.


Just out of curiosity i would still want to know if Google allows the scenario in which visitor clicks on my Ad from mobile device and lands on desktop landing page, but since i have kept device specific conditional code on my desktop site, the user is taken to my mobile site with url which has all same content of desktop site, then ,,,, can i embed any iframe in this mobile site ...?


As i would willingly inform client to decline such idea if above scenario proves to be disallowed by Google.

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3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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I think that the best solution is to make a mobile-friendly or RWD theme on destination site and driva a whole trafic to one domain.

Be aware that if content will be on iframe googlebot may not be able to render and understand the content, technically there will be no content for bot, so I guess your ads may be suspended or domain would be banned.

Try to convince your client to create different camps, and also you will gain more possibilities to create ads, different to desktop and mobile users, better ways to analyze and optimize. Really, it's the best solution in your conditions.

3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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Thank You Łukasz Smiley Happy

Now i can really convince my client. Smiley Happy

Re: 3rd Party Mobile Landing Page

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