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YouTube Live For Business Purposes

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YouTube live is the latest thing to come down the pike and I think that it could be very useful for businesses. Even small, local businesses may be able to find a way to increase traffic to their brick-and-mortar location by using live video. We are all familiar with radio station broadcasts from business locations and that is great for the radio Market. The online, mobile device and even TV markets to some extent can be reached with YouTube live and online video.


Of course is setting up YouTube live and using it has some requirements and it isn't quite as easy as just setting up a YouTube channel. First off, you need to have at least 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel that you were going to be doing the broadcast from and there is live streaming software to download and configure before you can do a live broadcast. For that reason I think there is opportunity for people who want to be a live broadcaster for businesses. So that is another business opportunity.

There are other ways that you as a local business can potentially profit from the opportunity created buy YouTube live video. Broadcasters can choose to monetize their live streams with advertising supplied by YouTube/Google. This means that you can purchase that advertising and target it to people within your intended Market. In addition it is possible to do product placement ads. I will have to do a little research on how to classify an on-site cast for a business at a sale or something.


As a local business it is important for you to capture people's attention or awareness in the moments that matter to them. When they are for example on their daily commute to and from work and looking for a nearby coffee shop, pharmacy, etc or when they are out and about visiting local attractions, shopping or just looking for something to do.


I have not seen much yet as an Advertiser and Google Partner on how to best utilize YouTube live for businesses. I think Google likes to create products and then wait to see how people utilize them which is much more organic and probably honest in terms of the picture that you end up with on how people use the product.


I will be looking for opportunities to do local live streams for my YouTube channel as well as businesses to work with who want to try advertising on YouTube live. Check back here on Google small business community for updates on this technology. If you ant to follow me on YouTube this is the channel that I can do live broadcasts on.

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Re: YouTube Live For Business Purposes

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Great topic @MikeJohnston


I just wanted to point out that you don't need to have 100 subscribers to start live streaming from YouTube.  The 100 subscriber requirement is for getting a custom URL for your channel, but that is also possible by making your Google+ Page or personal Google+ Profile eligible for a custom URL (as they are shared between YouTube and Google+).


Also you can still run a Hangout on Air without any special encoding software or equipment - all you need is a computer with a webcam. 


A Hangout on Air broadcasts a Hangout video call, so most people use it for panels, discussions or other "talking heads" type broadcasts, but you can point your camera to whatever interests you.  To set it up, create  a "Quick" YouTube Live Event at


I'd be interested in hearing how people are using live broadcasts to promote their business or brand.