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Using The YouTube Director For Business App

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Today I took the new YouTube Director app from YouTube For Business for a test. I got together with Troy Nonnemacher from Dogtown Homes, one of my customers, who was kind enough to agree to be my guinea pig for this test. The YouTube Director App is brand new and promises to help you make videos and commercials for your small business. From the look of it in the promotional video that YouTube made it was all easy peasy and a less than 10 minute job.

In reality, making the video took more time than that and will require a second attempt. Most of that is not the fault of the app, it was mine. I have quite a bit of experience in shooting and editing video for the web and so I thought I could just jump right into the project without any up front prep and that was a mistake.


The app is really well designed for its intended purpose and can be used by pretty much anyone who knows how to shoot video with a mobile device. That said, with a project done on the app like any video project, there are things to think about. 

youtube director for business templates.jpg

 First off, use the videos that are included within the app to find the sort of video that you want to produce for your business. There are many topics geared to a variety of businesses. Even video testimonials from customers are there. Watching them can both give you ideas and also will help you to feel less intimidated by doing a video project.Many of us are so familiar with using video these days that we forget that not everyone is comfortable on camera. Even people that think nothing of using video for communication (as in Skype or Google Hangouts) still freeze up when trying to do a scripted or semi scripted, recorded video session.


After you download the app from either the iTunes Store or the Google Play store and set it up you can open it and click on New Project. You will be taken to all of the templates where you can browse for one that best meets your needs (see image to left).

youtube for business template sections.jpg

Under each template thumbnail appears the number of shots included in each template and the anticipated running time of the finished commercial. This will help in selecting the video you want to tackle. You can tap on the thumbnail of a video and it will allow you to play that commercial so that you can see what it will look like. 


You do not have to produce the commercials exactly according to the templates either. You can make the sections longer or shorter and even leave out entire sections if you do not need them.


Something that bothered me at first was the music that is included with the theme. It was too loud and was getting in the way of my client's speaking voice in some of the shots. I found that if I opened the project overview page and selected the music at the bottom I could adjust the volume of the music, change the song altogether or eliminate it by turning the sound all the way down (see image to right).  

 youtube for business single template section.jpg

Here too you see the included sections with this template. Each template is similar but each is unique as far as what is included within each section module and the overall structure. It helps a lot to take the time to find the right template and then get the content or script for each section put together before starting the project. You can always make changes on the fly but having a basic wireframe for the commercial in place at the start makes it easier to get through the project.


Each section of the template is unique in content. However, once you are familiar with the controls within the app it soon becomes simple to put the section material together. Just run through the sections to familiarize yourself with each of them and the things or places and people you need to have at hand for each and you are ready to go.


Armed with this brief overview of the app I believe that you should be able to be producing great video content and commercials for your business in no time with the YouTube Director for Business app. I would love to see the results and invite you to post your videos to the community after you get them made. I would be happy to help out in the process as much as I can. If you are local enough I will come out and shoot the video if you want. 


Once you have your video done and uploaded to YouTube it is time to optimize it for search and then promote it both organically and possibly through Adwords as well. Those are subjects for future articles.





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Re: Using The YouTube Director For Business App

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Nice summary and review of the YouTube Director for Business app, @MikeJohnston.


Please let us know how the next round goes and any further tips you discover. 


Happy Sunday,



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Using The YouTube Director For Business App

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Thanks for taking the time to review. I was worried about the music playing back at too loud a volume as well, but your tip pointed me to the right place to lower it. I found the app "got lost" repeatedly looping from a description of what to do, to a screen saying are you ready to do it, without the RED ICON needed to actually record video. I exited the app and was able to keep going. Did it this way 7 times to get a completed shot. Too bad it doesn't accept JPG's... I don't have time to drive around to different places it suggests.