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Tips for Running a Successful AdWords Campaign

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Tips for Running a Successful AdWords Campaign

We asked our Advisors to share their best tips and tricks to ensure successful AdWords campaigns. Here's what they had to say:


Be extremely cautious with broad match keywords. Remember, non-converting traffic is a cost without a value. (Ryan Smith)


If phone calls are important for you, schedule your ads to run during the hours that someone can answer your phone. (Robert Coats)


Never just “set it and forget it”.  PPC must be monitored daily! (Shanee Kirk)


When analyzing data, it's important to remember correlation does not always imply causation. (David Kyle)


Define what action you want people who respond to your ads to take, and build landing pages to promote the taking of that action. (Mike Johnston)


Mobile ads need to appear in the 1st position or they won’t be seen.  Make sure you are bidding high enough! (Shanee Kirk)


Make sure to test your ad copy and landing pages. Conversion is everything! (Trevor Stewart)


Set up a remarketing list as soon as you open your AdWords account, even if you aren't advertising.  It's an asset for your business, and they can take some time to compile. (Colin Donohue)


A great AdWords campaign can’t generate sales for a broken website just like a fire hose can’t fill a bucket with holes in it. (Robert Coats)


Make use of AdWords scripts, they will save you a lot of time for repetitive tasks. (Molly Youngblood Geiger)


Use video, even if it's a very simple one. Video on YouTube is a very affordably priced option to get in front of new customers. (Colin Donohue)


Google Analytics “search queries” report is a great place to find keywords because these were what users actually searched to find your website. (Molly Youngblood Geiger)


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Have a question about getting started on AdWords? Check out the AdWords Community to get expert advice.  


Originally published October, 2015

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