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Tips for Building a Keywords List for a Google AdWords Campaign

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Building out a keyword list for your AdWords campaign can seem like a daunting task. However, there are several strategies and tips that you can use to help build out keywords for your AdWords campaign. Here are a few tips and strategies to help you select and manage keywords:


Create A Keyword Spreadsheet Template

Set up a spreadsheet so you can create a list of your keywords. Within the spreadsheet, set up titles to include Keyword, Volume, Competition, Keyword Difficulty, and Notes.


Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

"Where do I start?" This is the tricky part of setting up keywords. Here are a few tips to help brainstorm keyword ideas for your campaign:

  1. Use keywords you think they would type to find your business. Think like your customer. 
  2. Choose specific keywords that target specific customers.
  3. Reach more people by using general search terms.
  4. Create Ad Groups to group similar keywords.
  5. Per Ad Group, use between 5 to 20 keywords.
  6. Choose keywords related to a product or service you offer.
  7. Matching keywords that can be found on your website or landing page. 
  8. Location target your keywords to maximize local traffic. 
  9. List variations for similar keywords.
  10. Keyword Match words and phrases found on your website or landing page.


Use A List Of Synonyms

Synonyms are a great way to include additional keywords that will help add to your AdWords campaign.


Conduct Keyword Research

Researching keywords is a strategy that is essential to make sure you are using relevant keywords that other people are using to type into search engines.


Research How People Speak In Their Niche Markets 

Industry specific terms are a great way to include keywords for those who may be searching those terms.


Competitive Analysis

Check out your competitors and find out what keywords they use in their campaigns. This is a great way to get a good idea of what keywords may work for your business and to determine how you can improve upon those keywords.


Quality Over Quantity

Focus on using quality keywords versus quantity. People who click on ads based on these keywords are key in making sure you get a conversion and not just a click.


Keyword Planning Tools

There are many resources available to help build a keyword list. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner, research keywords using Google Search, and review your Google Analytics Search Terms Report.


Picking The Top Keywords

Make sure that the keywords you select are relevant to your business and have a high search volume so you can ensure that your ads will reach a wide audience.


Measure Keyword Performance

Monitoring your keyword performance is one of the most important aspects of managing an AdWords campaign. Frequently check keyword performance to make sure the keywords you use are working for the campaign.


Check out these resources from Google which provide an overview of how to measure keyword performance and learn the Quality Score of your keywords, which can help you to improve.


Keyword Case Study: Inventor Assistance League

ial_logo 2.png


Company: Inventors Assistance League, Came to with their in-house PPC campaign, which drove a ton of traffic but little to no sales. High spend + no conversions = poor return on investment.


Goal:  Improve ROI (Return On Investment) and Conversions


Solution: Keyword selection was the problem. Sometimes, less is more. While "inventions" drove a lot of traffic to the website, the traffic was of low-quality. Restructured the campaign to and rebuilt the keyword list to target keywords specific to Inventors Assistance League's niche which is providing patent advice and patent registration which drove more quality traffic from inventors looking for assistance with getting a patent for their invention.


Results: Decrease traffic and spend but increased return on investment and conversion. Volume is not the goal. Driving qualified leads is.


This case study is a prime example of how important using relevant and industry related keywords to find the right traffic for a successful AdWords campaign.


Here is a video tutorial to help assist you with your keyword selection:

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Re: Tips for Building a Keywords List for a Google AdWords Campaign

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Tips for Building a Keywords List for a Google AdWords Campaign

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