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Requests for GMB reviews-best practice

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My webmaster recently informed that my GMB page was poorly set up and vastly underutilized. Egad! As part of rounding it out I was considering asking my >2000 client list for reviews. I reviewed the best practice info on GMB and found a recommendation to "Remind your customers to leave reviews"


Another GMB page suggested best practices for requesting reviews and I am in compliance by not offering incentives or setting up a kiosk in our business.


So my question...If my GMB listing receives a lot of reviews suddenly, will the reviews be blocked? Will it negatively affect my page ranking? Thanks!

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Re: Requests for GMB reviews-best practice

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Hi Phillip

Getting a large number of reviews in a short period of time can trigger Google's review algorithm, so it is best to do a slow and steady outreach program, rather than hitting all your clients immediately.

I'd break the list up into smaller groups and pace your requests over a few months to minimise any potential triggers.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Requests for GMB reviews-best practice

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Hello Philip,


I understand your concern and can assure you that if you get multiple reviews from your customers Google won't block or delete review unless they violate any Google Review Policy.


To know more about policies Click Here 


Please Remember always avoid asking your customer to leave reviews from your office premises or while using your WiFi connection as this can lead to removal of all the posted reviews.


Thank you

Re: Requests for GMB reviews-best practice

Google Small Business Advisor
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Google Small Business Advisor

@Phillip S - similar to what @PriyaC shared... just make sure the reviews are consistent, that they happen over time, and have a natural flow to them, and you won't have any issues.

Re: Requests for GMB reviews-best practice

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Thanks Tahir,
The prior response on the forum led to 3-4 hours of work segmenting the
mailing list for longer term delivery of review requests. I have reviewed
the policies and am in compliance on all counts so am optimistic that the
upcoming reviews should be well received. Thanks again.

*Phillip Snell, DC*
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