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Meeting Goals with AdWords Express or AdWords

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AdWords and AdWords Express can be challenging for anyone starting out. Which version you should use, and how you should use it really comes down to what your goals are and how well your ads can help you to achieve those goals.


For Starters: Decide What's Right for You

If you're just starting out, the fastest way to get started is AdWords Express. If you want more control, flexibility and more advanced ad formats such as video, AdWords is right for you. Its a good idea to research which way is best for your business so that you can start on the right foot and reach your goals faster. There's a handy comparison between AdWords Express and AdWords that is a great place to start. Google will help you figure it out if you need help deciding what's right for you.


Want to Get Started With AdWords Express?

If you want to try AdWords express, I strongly recommend you reach out and ask Google to help you get set up. You can call this number: 1-855-500-2762 for free setup support when you invest $10/day or more. Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm ET. 


Want to Get Started With AdWords?

You may want to start running ads immediately to get traffic to your site, but you really should consider ensuring that you can see which ads are actually helping you to reach your goals. To do that, you should know what those goals are, and should already have Google Analytics set up, and you should link your Adwords and Analytics accounts.


Setting Up Conversion Tracking

If you're a small merchant, B2B website, or another business that doesn't need all the rigorous eCommerce conversion tracking, you can most likely use smart goals to handle setting your objectives right. If these goals don't work out of the box for your kind of business, you might need to import your Google Analytics goals into AdWords, or set up conversion tracking to directly measure your specific needs.


Designing Your Conversions to Reflect Your Business Objectives

Setting up these goals give your ads a measurable results. Try to make sure that your goals translate to your business objectives, such as form submissions, purchases and other measurable behavior. I recommend setting up conversion tracking in AdWords directly if you're confident in what your goals are, since there is a smaller reporting delay than if you import goals from Analytics. If you're just getting started with goals and aren't sure of how useful they'll be, importing them from Analytics is much simpler. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.


Start Using Conversion Data to Make Decisions

Once goals are set up, your AdWords campaigns automatically start getting conversion data. AdWords tracks different kinds of conversions, which you'll need to understand to get the most out of. With this info, you'll be able to see which of your ads actually are driving the goals that are important to your business, and you'll have a good foundation to start doing interesting things.

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Thanks for the post. This really helped clear things up about AdWords. I was pretty hesitant only hearing about AdWords and not knowing the function or differences or even that there was something like AdWords Express available. Knowing that I can contact help, as well as the links for more information made it pretty easy to organize everything I need to dominate the web scene and help my business grow.