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Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Thank you google i am Cambodian people and i am driver of tourism to visit the temples around Cambodia and my website no tourist coming ,so how can i do to get more tourism?

best regards 

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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I think the most important aspect here is what every good business do.


Promote your business in as many ways as you can.  On your website, flyers, promotions and the list goes on and on.


Promote, promote, promote!  Make your business unique?  Do you have competition?  What can you offer your tourists that they cannot?

Re: Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Thank you so much i would like you help me please email me
I looking to hear from you soon
Bestregards Song

Re: Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Ok, second try posting. I hope this works Smiley Happy  


Hi @Bun S


There are a large number of things you can try here.

Before you start and get to the 'marketing' part, it's important to understand a few things:


1. Your Goals and defining what the current 'problem' is


You mention 'no tourists are coming' - so, do you mean:


a) You want more traffic to your website?

b) You want better/more conversions on the traffic that is coming to your website?

c) A bit of both


2. Your Audience


What does your target market look like?

  • How old are they?
  • Where are they?
  • What are their interests?
  • What's likely to motivate them to buy/book a tour? How do they buy?

Also your industry - 

What are your competitors doing? (to understand how your audience is used to making purchases of your product and expects to receive information)


Once you have a better understanding of these points you can focus on the marketing part.


3. The Marketing Part


  • General rule of thumb is to aim where your audience is.
  • Test. Learn. Repeat what works.

Consider the whole purchase funnel (awareness, consideration, decision, post purchase) and how you can engage with your customers and prospective customers and offer value.


A few thoughts and examples:


a) If you need more awareness you could:


  • Run a social media marketing campaign or focus on boosting your social media presence
  • Run a Google Adwords campaign to display banners across Google's display network (you could place banner ads on travel blogs or similar with 'targeted placements').
  • For a longer term strategy you could engage with an SEO professional to optimise your site and attempt to show up higher in organic listings (though do keep in mind that SEO may not always be the best solution for small businesses).

b) If you need more activations/purchases, perhaps:


  • Consider an Adwords search campaign focusing on keywords and copy targeted to people closer to the end of the purchase funnel.
  • You could pair this with a remarketing campaign to place banner ads and target people who have already visited your site to try and entice them back to purchase.


c) Or if customers are likely to make repeat purchases or refer friends?


  • If so, perhaps a well planned Email Campaign offering a promotional voucher for referrals or repeat purchase might work well.



d) In all of this, it's important to make sure your website:


  • Is generally working well and free from errors
  • Loads quickly 
  • Is mobile friendly
  • Is easy for people to make a purchase or booking (reduce friction in purchase funnels)

You don't want to be pouring water into a leaky bucket.


Lastly - Don't forget offline channels...


  • If people search or convert well offline when they are already in Cambodia, then yes - handing out flyers at hotels etc. might be a cheap, quick win solution.


It's hard to go into more detail without knowing more about your business, website and specific objectives, but I hope at very least this has given you a few ideas to get started Smiley Happy



Re: Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Hi @Bun S


I hope the answer above gets you started in the right direction.

You could speak to a marketing professional in your area to get more detailed, personalised help and a custom strategy.


* Please take care when using the forums and note the community guidelines.


Don’t post personal information

Never share the following personal information in any part of your post:

  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Google account numbers
  • Credit card details
  • Any other information that could put your accounts or privacy at risk


Wishing you all the best! Smiley Happy

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Please list you website in local directory around Cambodia, list in google map, and use other extensions to grow your business. User fresh content for blog, press release and article. It will grow  your viability and business

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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love your answer!!1

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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Thanks for the feedback @Brandi M Smiley Happy 

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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There are many ways to do this and here are a few starter tips

Get a great website

Optimize the site to drive traffic to the page

Talk to local hotels and ask if you can advertise your business on their website

Looking for help with marketing my products online

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I would recommend that you to check this link  Here you can learn more about enhance your digitial knowledge and how to market yourself.

Google also what is called GoogleMybusiness, check this link Also check out the Google My Business help forum,  people who are new in business, also post their queries there.

Hope this helps.

I wish you all the best in your business.