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How to Use Location Targeting to Get More Customers

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Hi Everyone!


I am so excited to be coaching the Target Practice Challenge! This is my favorite topic because it's the magic that makes any campaign effective.


As a marketing expert, whether the client goal is organic marketing or paid advertising, the most important metric I monitor is ROI (Return on Investment). What results are we getting based on the time and money we are putting in?


Sadly, many small businesses I've spoken with have an ROI of ZERO. A little ROI is most likely because they have a "build it, and they will come" mentality. They put in a ton of work into to their brand, advertising, marketing strategy, social media, etc. and get zero results.


The Benefits of Location Targeting

The solution? Location targeting is one of the main ways to focus your marketing and advertising in the right areas to find the right customers. Targeting areas could be as broad as countries, regions, or cities and as precise as zip codes or a radius around a location. Either way targeting your marketing to exactly where your customer is will increase your ROI.


If your marketing or your advertising is not performing well, most likely it does not appear in the right places.


How to Incorporate Location Targeting into Your Marketing

The best way to incorporate location targeting into your marketing strategy is via AdWords. This can be done by using a combination of strategies. My favorite AdWords strategy combines four themes including great content, keyword optimization, audience reach, and location.


Content Isn't King, It's The Worker

Many say that content is King, but in advertising, it's not. Content is the worker. It's the hard work that's needed to make the magic happen.


As a result, one of the most effective strategies you can implement is regularly writing and creating great content that helps you customers stay connected to your brand.


You can do this by using your website to tell your story so that potential customers can feel connected to your business.

"Great content is the foundation of a great AdWords campaign" - Tierra M Wilson

Now that you've spent all that time creating amazing content; it's time to promote that content through ads on Google.

The Magic: Keywords, Audience, and Location

Adwords allows you to create ads to promote your content to the right customers to help you reach your goals.


Here's are 3 of my favorite ways to use AdWords to show your ads:


Keywords: These allow you to control which search triggers your ad. For example, when someone is searching for a particular term on Google, your ad will show if it matches what the potential visitor is searching for.


Audience: You can use AdWords to target your ads based on audiences. There are many ways to do this. My favorites include retargeting, which allow you to reach people who have visited your website, and demographics, which allow you to reach people who are within the demographic group you choose.


Location: You can use location targeting, which we've discussed throughout, to target the geographical areas which your ads appear. You can even narrow it down to language if you want to reach customers who speak a particular language.


There are much more ways to target customers via AdWords, but these three are the one's I often use in my client's strategies. Need proof? Here is a great Google AdWords case study that shows how went from 4000 to 150,000 unique visitors a month using this strategy.


Do you have any questions about targeting your marketing or ads to specific geographic location? I'd love to help!

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Re: How to Use Location Targeting to Get More Customers

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Great article Tiera. Thank you very much for sharing the ideas.