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How get traffic in my Website in social media

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Kindly Help us , How get traffic in my Website in social media.

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Re: How get traffic in my Website in social media

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Google Employee

Welcome to the community, @Gridmayindia p! This a great question and there are many different ways to increase traffic to your website. What kind of website is it? How do you currently promote your website?


You should definitely make sure you're following Google's guidelines to creating a Google-friendly site to ensure that your site isn't breaking any rules and will show up in Google Search. It's also very important that your site is following Google's Webmaster Guidelines. You can learn more here:

In addition to these resources, Google has composed an excellent guide to getting started with SEO, which can help you learn how to best optimize your website for Google Search. You can find that guide here (PDF):

Re: How get traffic in my Website in social media

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Hi @Gridmayindia p,


Along with the super great info @Brielle B provided, you could take a look at a learn article here on the Advertiser Community about content marketing.  It discusses your exact desire and outlines the success Tony is getting. 


You can also take a look at other solid advice in the Learn section here on the Advertiser Community


Further, with social media, you need to make sure you cross promote and link all of your social profiles and websites. Many people do not even add their G+, etc. pages to their websites and wonder why no one uses it. Or they will fail to make thoughtful posts on their social media pages often (one a day or every other day) and gearing that content to the users and style of the social media platform.


Another area I see often when training businesses is that they want to sell 100% on social, which is not being a;ll that social. Those are what AdWords does and does well. With social, you need to establish a pattern of posting... which I see solid returns for clients by posting every other day (no more than once a day) and keeping to a 1/4 sales, 1/4 images, 1/4 product education, 1/4 relaxed/social personality building. 


Let's break that down a little...


  • One in four posts offers a price and pushes a specific product or service, with a strong call to action.
  • One in four posts contains a unique and quality photo or video "related to the product or service" but is not a commercial (no prices).
  • One in four posts gives out facts, tips or specifications about the product or service with a push to connect with us for more help, but does not state price or act as a commercial. 
  • One in four posts are fun, entertaining, clean, thoughtful and not about us... but still related in some way or connected to the industry we are in. 


But do this, you will build a social presence and a social personality that will build an audience and engagement with your brand, products and services. These three things are what you have to focus on. Many businesses focus on one aspect, which misses the mark. Alternate out on brand... then product... then service... then bring them all together... and repeat. 


Along with these social actions, I make sure the website is filled with relevant, concise and quality content that ties in with what the social pages are doing. Then we tie all of this to advertising (AdWords, TV, Print, Mail, etc.). 


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Re: How get traffic in my Website in social media

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Top Contributor Alumni
Usually you need to give people a reason to go from the social networking site to your website. This could be something like a coupon or a downloadable white paper.