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Highlights from our Mobile Twitter Chat

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Highlights from our Mobile Twitter Chat

In case you missed it: Here are some of the highlights from last week's #AskAMobilePro Twitter chat.


Why is mobile important for small business?

  • Consumers are on mobile, be where your customers are! (@Raj N)
  • If you're not able to view your website well on a mobile device, your customers are not going to stick around (@Ray S)

What are the biggest challenges for you in optimizing your mobile presence?

  • Not compromising branding and design while optimizing your site. @Tierra W
  • Based on the results of the new Google mobile tester, mobile page speed is the big challenge. (@MikeJohnston)

What have you already done to optimize your mobile website?

  • We updated our #WordPress theme and eliminated render-blocking JavaScript and CSS above-the-fold. (@BrandonSchaefer)
  • One thing you can do right now is test how mobile friendly your website is here. (@Molly Y)

 When you use a mobile site, what information are you looking for first?

  • Easy to read navigation, quick way to search, contact info, location info. (Tierra Wilson)
  • Context matters. Walking around the city? Then, I'm looking for the basics: locations, hours of operations, telephone number. (Ray Sidney-Smith)

What is the most important content to have on a mobile site?

  • Analytics show many read blog posts on mobile - making sure the font is readable is one important factor. (@MartinSherv)
  • Mobile sites need a clear call to action, an easy-to-find address, and an easy-to-find phone number. (Brandon Schaefer)
  • Call-to-actions are important to convert then your content must convince your visitor to trust your expertise. (@Trevor_Stewart)

What are some reasons why my mobile friendliness test score is high but my mobile speed test is low?

  • Mobile speed is determined by your web hosting, specifically bandwidth. Increase your bandwidth. (Molly Youngblood-Geiger)
  • Images too big. Compress them and make sure they are the right size & format. (Tierra Wilson)
  • Here is a guide to improving mobile site friendliness. (@Mary S)

What are some things you can do on your mobile site that you can’t do on desktop?

  • Reach potential clients where they are at any given moment (Mike Johnston)
  • Custom content based on a user's location—fun stuff! (Tierra Wilson)

To wrap up, a final question for our experts: What are some industry-specific tips for optimizing mobile?

  • Whenever you see a friend, family, or trusted colleague, ask them to visit your mobile website. Ask them for an opinion. (Ray Sidney-Smith)
  • People need to know their outcomes for mobile. Could be leads in one industry, and sales in another. (Martin Shervington)
  • Built your website with speed and UX first. A lightweight site will get you farther Javascript and Plugins should be limited. (Trevor Stewart)


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Re: Highlights from our Mobile Twitter Chat

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I had a great time doing the Twitter chat. Thanks again for having me.