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Embarrassing Moments In Sales

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Have you ever had an embarrassing moment with a client? For example, yesterday I heavily criticized the designer of a website in a website analysis because it was, quite honestly, a really bad website.


Then I found out the person at the company I sent the report to was also responsible for web design... I am still waiting to see if I ever hear back from that company.


Do you have a similar story? Would you care to share it?

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Re: Embarrassing Moments In Sales

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@MikeJohnston I have done that as well. There is actually a technique I will use that "should" be embarrassing, but gets to the point. 


My company does Social Media Management. All day, we see companies auto posting the same message across all networks, usually using HootSuite. 


It started as a mistake, I was talking to the CMO for a fairly large company and stated how I could tell that the company had an issue with resources, since they were doing "lazy marketing" and auto posting to all outlets.


I was then humbly informed that the CMO put that in place. 


The CMO then admitted it was resources and a lack of enthusiasm that created the problem. 



Which was then fixed Smiley Happy 


Moral of the story, tell it like it is, they will either respect your opinion or not. Either way, you can tell if you are a fit for each other in business. 




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Re: Embarrassing Moments In Sales

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And at the end of the day you can still respect yourself :-)

Great advice and thanks for sharing!