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5 Steps to Take Before Marketing Your Business

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5 Steps to Take Before Marketing Your Business

Before investing in online advertising, you should create a marketing plan for your business following these steps.


Identify your ideal customers.

Everyone might benefit from your products or services, but focus your time and energy on the customers you’re trying to reach. Create a profile of that person with information including age, gender, location,interests and behaviors. When identifying customers, pinpoint their problems and identify how your product or service can solve them.


Find out how your customers get their information.

You can reach your customers through multiple venues, including newspapers, community and networking events, websites and social media. Find the best way to reach your audience by using the customer profiles you’ve created.


Study your competition.

Begin by asking your customers if they’re familiar with any businesses similar to yours, and what they like (or dislike) about those businesses. You can do this by asking them when they’re completing their purchase, a survey on your website, or even on your social media channels. Next, get familiar with your competition’s marketing and see how they’re reaching your potential customers. You can also do simple Google searches with the same keywords that will be important in identifying your business, and see how your competitors are advertising around those keywords. Once you’ve identified these businesses, another way to get feedback on what their customers like or dislike about their products is by reading their reviews and testimonials.


Create a compelling value proposition.

In order to stand out, be clear about why your potential customers should pick you over your competition. What are the problems you’re solving for your customers? Is there something unique about your business that your competitors don’t offer? Do you have great testimonials from your customers that help you stand out against other businesses? All of these can be used to create a value proposition to your current and future customers.


Set a budget & develop your marketing plan.

Before taking the final step to invest in online advertising and marketing, set a few objectives. Are you trying to increase visits to your store or website? Do you have a new product or service you’re promoting? In addition to objectives, your plan should include a budget and timeline outlining the specific actions you’ll take, and how much those actions will cost within an allocated amount of time.


Additional resources are available in the AdWords Help Center.


Originally published June, 2014

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Re: 5 Steps to Take Before Marketing Your Business

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Google Small Business Advisor
Identifying ideal customers is one area where I think a lot of businesses miss the mark, but with a bit of help, they can get it figured out.