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5 Marketing Tips that can Increase Sells of your Startup

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When starting a Startup, the most important things to keep in mind is to find out the goal of your startup and who is running on the same track. You need to know the stand they have in their fields. If you are doing the same business as they are, you are making the mistake you will regret forever.


To research a market you should try to focus on the fact, how different is your idea or business. Your startup needs to be unique compare to your competitors. If your startup idea Is not unique, why should people come to you? Companies that started before you have already made themselves trustworthy. The biggest bump in creating a startup business is to earning the valuable trusts of your customer and of course it is a time consuming factor. But if you wait for that time, your competitors will be out of your reach and you will need to keep banging your head on the wall.


For example, consider Google and Yahoo. When Yahoo was making it large and was the best thing that internet has to offer comes Google as a competitor. Google is the best thing out there when we are thinking about the internet. The company which was running like a panther now it is crawling like a baby.  On the other hand Google is still making it bigger than yesterday.


I did a survey on 9 peoples who haven’t used the internet till that date, two facts that divided these two companies completely; well that’s what I found through them. I showed them how to use and then ask them to search for anything they want to search. After one hardworking hour, I ask them which they should choose. Well the answer was not surprising. Among those nine peoples seven selected Google over Yahoo and the reason was quite simple, the search result is quite better in Google than Yahoo. Those who did not choose Google has found a better result in Yahoo.  


The reason behind this survey is to find what the reason behind they are having two kinds of behavior from the user and we found the answers. There are two reasons behind it, one is the search result and the second one the user interface. It is quite enough of Google and Yahoo. This is time to discuss startup.


You should create a unique concept before doing anything and it is not the thing to take lightly. This will paint the picture of your marketing route in the future.  


Here we are going to discuss 5 processes of marketing that can change the picture of your startup.


1. Pre-launch and Lead Generation: among all the internet marketing process the top position is taken by Email marketing. Follow some tips before launching your startup. 

  • Do pre-launch press release in your local newspapers and online newspapers. To make your press release stronger you should arrange a press conference. This increased trust. For building relationship with your targeted journalists you can try buzzstream, it’s quite good.
  • Use Adwords paid campaign with the facility of wining something in a regular basis. With this you can make a good portfolio as well as win their trust.
  • Maintain a good amount of distance from social networking sites when collecting leads because, they can take a good amount of money for every leads. So don’t do that rather than promote offer using that money.
  • Give your products free to some users. Make sure those products don’t go for nothing, give those to some who is quite popular and willing to promote your products.
  • Banner, Facebook ad campaign, Google Adwords use the available sections for promoting your startup.
  • Reach out to the related blogger and them to shout your startup out if possible.


2. Re-marketing: In the starting the traffic you are getting for your startup is either bought or they referred to you. People are interested in your products that are why they are visiting your site. So using these visitors for your startup is very important. Before launching your website you can store your traffics using Facebook pixel, Google Adwords Remarketing Tags and also show them your ads. Most of the time the conversation rate is about 1-2% for this process. It can be increased if you provide coupons and discounts. At the same time use Google Tag Manager and Facebook custom conversion tag to show your traffic related ads.


3. Email Marketing: In traditional email marketing the conversion rate is about 1%. If you follow a better way, it can increase up to 5%. In this cause use Getresponse to target the specific traffic and send them emails. Suppose any of the traffic goes to your checkout page and leaves, at that very moment you can give them attractive offers to press the checkout buttons. In the same way you can create automation email for some specific places. This way you will be engaged with that traffic. To get better conversion rate you have to push your traffic and that is required.


4. Giveaway: For social engagement, customer making, giveaway is the very useful system. Digitalvast is one of my startups and after one month run, I started one giveaway. It was very expensive. Within the first 7 days of 30 days promotion, we got almost 7 thousand dollar orders. We had to turn off the service for some days because the service we had to provide is beyond our manpower. At the same time, we got a great amount of targeted leads and the increased in social networks. For giveaway promotions use viralsweep, gleam, rafflecopter and others.


5. Video marketing: At this moment in internet marketing video marketing may be the best among the marketing policies. Because video grabs the attention of the traffic more than the raw text or blog content. A short-film related to your product can boost your business. You can also create some videos with the feedback of your customer and what they think about you. That will be much more effective compare to the regular testimonials or direct content. Video marketing will surely increase your online presence and help you boost your brand value. You can use YouTube Paid campaign to boost your video to reach the global audience. 


Considering the user, develop a website, do promotion and provide 10/10 customer supports, it is important. If you do so, your startup will reach the goal of being a brand.


Some pro tips for you :

  1. Give a gift with every completed order. It is better to give that with the delivery.
  2. Arrange a meet up with your customer.
  3. If possible give your customer a gift in the occasion.
  4. Share the testimonial of your satisfied customers.
  5. Do marketing, marketing and marketing.
  6. And the final touch is Quality, quality and quality.

5 Marketing Tips that can Increase Sells of your Startup

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Hey, nice article @Tafser A, so best to learn from the mistakes of others to their own do not make, mistakes cost money.