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4 Marketing Rules You Should Break Right Now 👊

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Mailers, newspaper ads, TV spots, radio commercials, cold calling, and even – cringe – door-to-door sales pitches used to be requisites for earning business.


Thankfully, the world has shifted but for some reason our marketing hasn’t. Business owners across the world are following “marketing rules” that don’t work anymore.


Well… rules are made to be broken!




Here are some marketing rules you should be breaking:


1. “Think like an advertiser.”


In today’s world that is bigger – yet more fractured – than ever, this is a mistake. It’s time to think like a publisher. People want value – they’re bombarded all day long with advertising images and sales pitches.


The companies they trust are those that offer them useful interaction in exchange for their valuable time. Those are the companies they remember and turn to when they need related services.


2. “You must be on (fill-in-the-blank with every single social media site in existence).”


Social media is a crucial, integral part of your marketing strategy – that’s true. However, you don’t want to waste your efforts on channels that won’t produce leads. You need to go where your target market is hanging out and focus your energy on building relationships there.


If you try to be everywhere, the messaging gets sloppy and you may find yourself auto posting random messages to try and keep up.


Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%


So how do you figure out where your target market resides? Experimentation. Start out posting to a variety of social media outlets. See which one garners the most comments and other interactions.


If you use a platform such as WordPress for your blog (which can be incorporated right into your website) the built-in tracking tool tells you exactly where your traffic is coming from. Cater to those channels and nurture relationships with your readers, gearing your content to their needs.


3. “Buying email lists is the best way to expand your contacts.”


Yes... people still do this. Organically growing your email list will produce higher quality results and bring new readers to you, who are interested in what you’re sending them.


How do you grow your list organically?


Make your newsletters useful and interesting – include targeted information that people will be willing to pass along.


Make it easy for your subscribers to share with friends and family by adding “Forward”, “Share”, and social media buttons.


Personalize email blasts directed at previous customers, offering incentives for referrals either in the form of cash rewards or unique gifts.


Add sign-up buttons to your Facebook and other social media sites, and offer promotions for email sign-ups.


When you have something to offer that your past and potential clients can use, your information will be shared organically.


4. “You must do X.”


“Must” statements should always be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. The only thing you “must” do is be adaptable. In other words be ready to try new things, because things you “must” do don’t last long.


When it comes to marketing the only certainty is that things will change. Having a well-established, recognizable, and trusted brand will help ensure that you maintain consistency as marketing methods and trends come and go.


You build this brand through participation in your professional network, by providing continued value to past clients, and by leveraging your good reputation and solid content to attract new attention.


Don’t be afraid to break the rules. When you find something that works, there will always be someone waiting in the wings to tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do things that way.




Innovation is usually due to the bold actions of those who are willing to break out of the mold…

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