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Zero eligibility requirements on the Google Display Network for Target CPA

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Fifteen conversions were previously needed within a thirty day period in order to opt-in to Target CPA. This changed this month for the Google Display Network however, as there are now zero eligibility requirements, meaning that advertisers now how the option to opt all GDN campaigns into Target CPA from day one!


There will still be a learning period of 2 – 4 weeks in which we are recommended to set a slightly higher bid (of around 20% on average), which we can then drop once the campaign is out of this learning mode. The same best practices still apply, with that being to avoid over-segmenting campaigns into too many ad groups and also limiting CPA target changes to +/- 20%, while also waiting a week before evaluating results.


Do you make use of this particular automated bidding strategy?

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Zero eligibility requirements on the Google Display Network for Target CPA

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No, we created an alpha / beta placement style script that syncs based upon conversion performance at the placement level with great success.