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What's not good about this Managed Placement?

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Badged Google Partner

Take a look at this:


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.21.13 PM.png



Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.22.07 PM.png



Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.25.16 PM.png



Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.26.09 PM.png






So, as you can see when the Managed Placements (usually in their own adgroup, and sometimes the only ad group in the campaign) with high bids like $5 seem to be get impressions for the first few weeks and then something happens. 


It's like someone pulled the chord and it just flatlines. 


The adgroup dies. 


We try to resuscitate by upping the bids (to as much as $50!) and nada. 


As you'd expect, the process we follow is the simple & common one - find well performing automatic placements and put them in their own adgroups under a campaign that's set up for Managed Placements. Then exclude them from the automatic placements campaign. 


And it's not like these placements banned us from advertising because there are competitors still showing their banners and most of them just copied our banners and added their logos (yes, it's happening).


However, there is this one Managed campaign that has 10 ad groups. Out of these 10, there's 1 adgroup that has "Miscellaneous Placements" where more than 10 placements got thrown in and that seems to be living. The only difference between this Misc adgroup and the rest of 1-placement-per-adgroup? Targeting optimization was Aggressive for the Misc. The others were Conservative.


Here's what we considered:

Advertiser got banned - doesn't make sense because there are other carbon copy ads being run. More importantly, the advertiser was running the same ads as it was in the automatic placements campaign. Nothing changed except for moving the placement from automatic to managed. 


So now, we have of course ventured into experimenting by changing the others from Conservative to Aggressive to see if it breathes some life into them.



And we're waiting till next Monday to see if it worked. 


But till then, I thought I'd see if gurus out there have seen something like this before? 





Re: What's not good about this Managed Placement?

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Tons of variables that can be in play. ( Setting, Budget, Bids, Keywords, Targeting, Quality Scores etc)


1) Is their significant budget in the Campaign to handle the addition ad groups and 1 off adgroups?  because when you said throttle, Daily budget is one of the things that can basically throttle a campaign.


2) since this is display - ie managed placements, their is no "external quality score" to be seen, but because of large amounts of impressions and potentially a low CTR, the campaigns may have an "internal quality score" that is in fact pushing them down or not showing as much.  In the beginning their is no true data and you are on a level playing field, but as data is accumulated and CTR is recorded, then your "Quality score" is ascertained.  If that CTR / QS ( for display not shown) is bad, Google may not show you as much in order for Google to make their money from CLICKS...  You will still get some impression to suck up that daily budget, but probably not the prime time expossure ( because of Daily budget and Lower CTR's)


First and foremost,  Like you did with Increasing the Bids, But did you Increase the Daily Budget in proportion ( significantly)?  I have seen so many times where people have say have $5 CPC, but a $15 budget and wonder why there are almost no impressions..  Basically in the example above Goog knows on ave how many impressions it takes to get a click, therefor it will not throw out millions of impressions all at once, because they are liable for the Overclicked Budget.   So GooG may show 1000 impressions, at one point and if their is a click taking money from the daily budget, then the amount of impressions may only be 500 then next minute etc.. until the daily budget it complete.



best advice is to call support or a rep if you have one assigned to review the account to see if they see something specific, since we can't see the account ..


Hope that helps- Good Luck

What's not good about this Managed Placement?

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Hi Eric, 


That makes sense. 

The daily budget is set to $500/day, but yes I don't think we experimented with the increase of daily budget. 


But my thought process still wonders why the Misc Placements adgroup got the impressions, but other adgroups didn't under the same Managed Placements campaign? If the daily budget was indeed the problem, then I believe the Misc Placements adgroup wouldn't get any love either.



What's not good about this Managed Placement?

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Just an update here, some ad groups started showing impressions when the budget was tweaked upwards. I guess the bids were too high but the budget was not relative to it. 


Still, however, the other managed adgroups (with one placement each) aren't getting as many impressions compared to the "Misc Placements" ad group.