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Tip of a Week: Bulk Bid Adjustments

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Many new Adwords practitioners spend a lot of time in the regular online Adwords interface, and do not venture much into Adwords Editor. 

While it takes time to get accustomed to the different process, there are many benefits to the Adwords Editor if you want to do things at scale. 

My recent favorite tip deals with location-based bid adjustments. 

If a company has certain priority zip codes where they want to be more aggressive, it can be quite the hassle in the Adwords interface to get things configured. 


In AWE you can just upload a spreadsheet with locations and bid adjustments and voila! 

Just select the headers for the columns you're dealing with, such as:

zip upload.JPG

The way I find convenient to upload is to go to "locations"



You can make multiple changes by just pasting in the locations and bid adjustments. Use whole numbers that represent percentage points (200 is +200% -10 is minus 10%) from -90 to +900

1. Choose what campaigns or ad groups you want to apply the modifiers to

2. Select the columns you want to use (like location and bid modifier for this case)

3. Paste in the content you want to add. 


It will show you the first 100 rows as a sample.

modify multiple.JPG
Hit "process" to initiate the action. 


Then review the changes and correct anything where data was not correct. 


Use "check locations" to validate that Google recognizes the locations (particularly if you didn't specify type).  Often errors are created by zip codes not being all 5 digits (for example the leading 0 is dropped from 01234) or typos.  

Hit "Keep" if the changes are good (or "reject" if something went wrong).


Then post your changes, and you have the bid modifiers added to your campaigns in one fell swoop! 



I'm nominating @Shanee_Kirk to post the next tip within a week!
Shanee, please tag a member in your post to continue the Tip Challenge and include the following details:

• Please title your post  followed by the topic of the post. Example: Tip Challenge: Remarketing lists
• Tag the next member you want to post a tip asking them to do so within a week.
• Be sure your tip is related to AdWords or another topic relevant to our community.


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Re: Tip of a Week: Bulk Bid Adjustments

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Alrighty! Let me see what I can come up with...

Tip of a Week: Bulk Bid Adjustments

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Great Tip! Thank you