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Tip Challenge: Client Phone Call Reporting

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Tip Challenge: Phone Call Reporting

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 14.43.33.png
How do you report calls to your clients? I have recently found that some clients that mainly like to get form fill conversions, tend to disregard (or downplay?) the value of phone calls. Using the new reporting feature proved useful to attract client's attention to the calls they receive as a result of their AdWords campaigns. See pic above. In the above report I selected campaigns and phone calls. The legend details the campaigns that generated phone calls, and ones that didn't.
 As you know, website call tracking isn't part of GA reporting. It is important to point out and report on. How do you report phone calls to clients who mainly have form fills as conversions?

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Re: Tip Challenge: Client Phone Call Reporting

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We always report the phone call conversions along with the form fill conversions. Some clients prefer calls, some prefer the forms. Either way, a lead is a lead.

Re: Tip Challenge: Client Phone Call Reporting

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I agree. And for some of our clients, people are way more likely to call. It's great that we can report Mobile clicks on ads, and that call tracking is available for landing pages through AdWords (although I wish it were easier to implement and test it)...but for organic traffic it gets tricky.

We tend to put a Google Analytics event on the telephone number so clicks on mobile might be reported through Google Analytics as a goal, but unfortunately, most of our clients don't want to spend money on a call tracking program that reports to Analytics. (In fact, most of our clients have their own call tracking solution that doesn't do that.)


Re: Tip Challenge: Client Phone Call Reporting

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Having a report showing when and how many phone calls take place is useful but only to a point. If the client (or you if you are authorized to) listen to the calls then you can zero in on whats working and whats not on driving those lead conversions. How many of those calls were for people looking for a Job? or wanting to sell the client something vs. ordering service? I did phone tracking for a client that during his off season a large percentage of his phone calls from paid search were from people wanting a job or trying to sell him something. It was from this that we suggested that he tone down or stop his paid search during certain months of the year. If We were only looking at the volume of calls without listening to them we would have moved in the wrong direction for the client.
Bill Martin