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The Display Network Receives an Ad Serving Update

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I have some interesting news to share with those of you who run ads on the Display Network, or plan to do so in the future!


As you’ve likely encountered in the past, ad groups in a Display Network campaign aren’t able able to serve ads if at least one type of targeting hasn’t been set (such as Remarketing Lists or contextual targeting for example). While this system ensures that some form of focused targeting is used, it does prevent those advertisers who want to take a very broad approach when reaching audiences. That’s why a change has been made.


Starting from next week, a Display Network ad group will be able to serve when it’s enabled, has a bid and contains a creative. Yes, you read that correctly, with no targeting criterion required! In this situation the ad group will target users based on campaign-level targeting, like demographics and location, and be subject to all exclusions. Don’t panic if some of your ad groups apply to this new update though, as at the time of launch there will be a one-time pause of any existing ad groups that have a bid, creative, and does not have ad group-level targeting. This is to prevent unintended spend on previously existing ad groups.


While the new update gives advertisers an opportunity to target the entire Display Network, it is also part of a necessary infrastructure change in preparation to move to the new AdWords interface. This change sets the foundation for improvements and additions to targeting options available on the Google Display Network.


I'm interested to know how you feel about the update, can you imagine a scenario where you'd take this broad approach with the Display Network?

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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