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Keyword Sync Adwords Script

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Good Morning Everyone,


Client Industry: Arts & Entertainment (Music Lessons)


I have an account for a client that's been running Search Campaigns for a while... They now want to expand to the full suite... Display & Video (woohooo!)


For my Video campaigns, I want the keywords to be able to sync with the corresponding Search Campaign. Does anyone know of some sort of script or trick which can accomplish this without me having to manually update the campaigns one-by-one?


For example,



Campaign: Instruments

Adgroup: Violin - Keywords Need To Be Synced


Campaign: Video

Adgroup: Violin -Keywords Need To Be Synced




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Re: Keyword Sync Adwords Script

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Hi @Brandon Lucius when you say "video" I assume you're talking about TrueView video Ads in a Video Campaign, yes?


If so, at the time of writing, video Campaigns are not supported by AdWords Scripts, so there's no solution there, I'm afraid.  Having said that, I'm not sure it would even be a good idea to try this.  It's quite likely that video Ads will perform differently from Search (as likely as it is that Display will do so), so while you may want to start with the same Keywords, I'm not sure you'd want to automatically sync them across all channels.



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