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Keeping Up with Machine Learning Lingo

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Regardless of whether you have implemented automation in your AdWords accounts or not, “machine learning” is something that we’re going to hear more and more about in this industry. There’s a good chance that your clients will also hear certain buzzwords based around this topic, and you’re likely the person they’re going to direct their questions to.


While it can take a reasonable amount of time to get to grips with automation, it’s at least worth knowing the basic definitions so that you can avoid being caught off guard during a conversation with a client. Here are a few of the main words so that you can be prepared -


Optimization: Automatic or manual process for improving functionality based on a set of inputs.


Automation: Using a computer to perform repetitive trivial but time consuming tasks quickly.


Artificial Intelligence: Broad term for getting computers to perform human tasks; the science of making things smart.


Machine Learning: A method of AI in which algorithms are used to autonomously learn from data and information - teaching a computer to recognize and learn from patterns by example rather than explicit rule-based programming.


Deep Learning: A technique of machine learning where algorithms are arranged in layers that mimic the human brain, learning patterns of patterns.


With all that being said, I recommend going a step further and learning more about automation in AdWords if you haven’t done so already. Applying certain rules in your accounts can help you to avoid missing key action points, right through to saving you time in areas that require less of a human touch. This can be as simple as having bids automatically adjust to ensure that ads remain on the first page, or something slightly more complex, such as scheduling ads for special events or promotions for example.


If this is of interest to you, the official Help Center has a great section about automated rules to get you started. The next step would then be to move onto AdWords Scripts which you can learn more about here. Either way, getting to grips with automation can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Keeping Up with Machine Learning Lingo

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Love the subject matter, Scotty... thanks for sharing it with the community.


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