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Google Adwords "Must Use" Tip: Exclusions

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Time and time again when speaking to new or novice users of Google Adwords, when I mention using Exclusions... faces go blank for a moment before they ask: What is that?


Just as you can target pages in the Google Display Network about certain subjects – like cars or music – you can also exclude by topic to keep your ads off webpages whose themes aren't relevant to your customers. How cool is that? Really cool, right?


Not only is this a cool feature, it will also save your clients money and bring more precision to your Adwords campaigns. Now that is really cool, right?


But wait, there's more exclusions to take advantage of. Now things are getting really cool!


Take a look at a few examples below and ponder the possibilities with your own campaigns. 


Reasons to exclude topics
Avoid showing your ads on pages that aren't relevant to your business.
Continue to target broad themes while filtering out subtopics and niche areas.
Spend your advertising budget effectively, excluding topics that show a low return.


Reasons to exclude site category options

Exclude your ads on error pages, in-game uses, and/or other possibly unwanted placements.


Reasons to exclude keywords

Target a subject like electrical engineers but exclude the keywords "how-to" or "employment."  


Reasons to set category options
Filter types of sites, mobile apps, and video that aren't appropriate for your brand.
Avoid categories of sites, mobile apps, and video that your target customers don't visit.
Exclude categories of sites, mobile apps, and video that don’t perform well for your audience.


Types of placements you might exclude
Certain specific placements that don’t fit your brand.
Automatic placements that aren't relevant to your business.
Placements where your ads are showing, but not performing well.


Why exclude by IP address
You could exclude specific IP addresses in order to limit showing your ad on particular networks that you believe aren’t likely to be used by potential customers. For instance, you could exclude the IP address of your own company’s network.


As you can see, you are in total control of your Adwords performance and spend. Adwords just needs a little help to understand what you need, want and expect from them. Never set up Adwords with the most basic features and walk away. You are cutting yourself short by 90%, if not more. 


In all, you can exclude by IP Address, mobile apps, videos, demographic groups, topics, placements categories, and of course, keywords (negative keywords).  Google Adwords is truly about targeted goals that bring a positive ROI. The only way to achieve this is by utilizing exclusions to best dial in your ideal targets so that ad impressions bring action (clicks or calls or downloads) and action bring fulfillment of your goals.


If you need help setting any of this up, please just post up and myself or someone else that is online will be happy to assist. It is really easy once you jump in.


Happy Adwording and be Google great!




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Re: Google Adwords "Must Use" Tip: Exclusions

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great input , one more thing and very simple step that may stop losing money with out any result ,
in placement >Targeting optimization , deselect (Let AdWords automatically find new customers )