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Bidding on Variations of Keywords

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This may be a fairly simple question but it's something I've always been pulled opposite directions on and I'm looking for some advice.


Is it necessary to bid on variations of a keyword? For example, if the service you offer is dry cleaning, should you also bid on "dry cleaner", "dry cleaners", "dry cleaning service", "dry cleaners chicago", etc., or is it best to just bid on "dry cleaning" and add the others as exact matches if they have a significant level of impressions?


I know our account has too many variations right now and I'd love to cut that down but I'm concerned about the effect that will have on our quality scores. I also don't want to drastically limit the amount of auctions we're eligible to show for. Does anyone have any strong thoughts on this? 

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Re: Bidding on Variations of Keywords

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Hi @Natalie Lloyd


Sorry for replying to your post with such delay. We do bid on variations and the variations thereof Smiley Happy. Sounds daunting, but some sectors benefit from it. While others don't. I guess that is due to Google keyword databases not created equal for each sector. 


So, to give a hypothetical example, we would bid on "dry cleaner" and "dry cleaners" both. In this example "dry cleaner" will match a query "dry cleaners in Chelsey"  In addition, we'd bid on +dry +cleaner, which would mean that a phrase may contain either dry cleaner +other keywords or +dry +cleaners plus other keywords. Due to the way BMM match type works.


Hope this helps!

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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