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3.4K members online now
3.4K members online now
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How to Use the New Community

Hi Google Advertiser Community,


You may have noticed--we look a little bit different now! We’ve redesigned the Community to be the destination for advertisers and users of AdWords, Google My Business, and Google Analytics, as well as those who work in small businesses! We’re excited to welcome these new members to the Community.


We hope that you find our new design as seamless to use as the old version. But if you have any questions, here are some FAQs:


How do I ask a new question?

Use the sidebar to navigate to a community.




From there, click on the board where your question would fit the best. Finally, you can click on the pink “+” button in the bottom right corner of your page to start a new thread.



How do I reply to a question, or contribute to a discussion?

In the thread you wish to contribute to, find the “Reply” button at the bottom of any post. Write your response directly in the reply box that appears, or choose “Full Reply Editor” to use rich formatting tools.


If responding to an article posted in the Learn section, you can respond directly at the bottom of the page and clicking “Post Your Comment.”




Where do I find articles and videos?

Articles and Videos now live under the Learn section. You can choose to view only articles, videos, or content related to the product you choose.




How do I star a post? What does a star mean?

Giving a star to a post is a way of showing your appreciation and letting others know you found the post valuable. To award a start to a post, click on the star icon in the top right corner of the post.





What is the My Favorites section? How do I favorite something?

Favoriting a particular board or topic lets you easily follow the discussions that are most important to you. To add a thread to your favorites, click the small “heart” icon directly above the first post in the thread.



Whenever you log in, you can go to the My Favorites section in the bottom left side of your page to get back to your list.


We'd love to get your thoughts on our new look in this thread!

GoogleAnalytics Google Employee
November 2015

This is very helpful, thank you!

Linda Buquet Top Contributor
November 2015

I was hoping there would be a little user guide. We covered so much in our pre-launch demo that I was left feeling a little lost. This helps a ton and will be helpful to users too I'm sure.


Thanks for putting it together!

James S
November 2015


November 2015

Hi Cassie,


The new community looks awesome. Kudos to G Team!Man Happy


I am facing a problem cannot see the Post your comment box on any of the questions asked. I also cannot see the images in this article. Let me know what should i do to see all the images and also the comments box. Infact saw it here only.





MartinSherv Google Small Business Advisor
November 2015

Well done! Delighted to be here.

Terry Crowder Badged Google Partner
November 2015

Is there an easy way to jump to the next Topic. The old format used to have a button at the bottom of the page that Read "Next topic" is that still available or do you need to go back to the "Basics for new Beginners" page? 

CassieH Community Manager
November 2015 - last edited November 2015

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone!


@ChetanP The "comment" option is only available on posts in the Welcome or Learn sections. To respond to questions in the product boards, you'll need to click on the text that says "reply" in the bottom right corner of any post. Not sure why you would be unable to see the images--have you tried clearing your cache & cookies?


@Terry Crowder This is not currently available, but we can submit this as a request.