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Issue: Tracking Campaign with URL, writing?

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I'm trying to implement (newsletter) campaign tracking so I ran some tests!

It was good but I don't know why, hits aren't always listed as a Default Channel "Email".


Here is what I've done :

My campaign was a simple Newsletter with those parameters :


- My URL +

- utm_source=Newsletter

- utm_medium=Email  (Written with a capital E)

- utm_campaign=Test1%20hiver


I included my link in an email. Then I was able to track them = Good Smiley Happy


BUT in the report in Acquisition --> All traffic --> Default channels

As I wrote "- utm_medium=Email"  (Written with a capital E), I was hoping it would be listed as an Default Channel "Email" in the Google Analytics report

Instead a lot of them are listed as "Other"!


What have I done wrong?


Thanks - Gaetan