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Google Tag Manager "Event hits must be sent after a pageview hit"

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Hi there,


I just installed the Google Tag Assistant and of course did try it out.

After finishing my first record following this tutorial, I get the message:

The recording contains hits sent to this property, but you ( don't have permissions in Google Analytics for its views. You won't be able to see view-specific information.

I am the only active administrator out of 6 accounts registered on our Google Analytics. WHy does it say, I do not have permissions?


Ignoring the message I went further to the generated "Google Analytics report". There I have multiple times the same alert:

Event hits must be sent after a pageview hit, but this event hit was not preceded by a pageview.

After looking for some solutions the only thing I found was that I did not install the JS Tracking from Google Analytics correctly. Could you please check what I did wrong?

The website is


Really appreciate the help,



Bali Hai Cruises

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Re: Google Tag Manager "Event hits must be sent after a pageview hit"

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Hi @Vanessa H,


First off, it seems that your GA tag has a duplicate version on your site. It looks like you have it injected directly in the source code on your site AND possibly included in a tag within Google Tag Manager. As long as your tag is setup properly in GTM, then I would remove the Analytics code directly from your site.


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.36.08 PM.png


That being said, there is an advanced feature in GTM to designate tag sequencing. In GTM, navigate to your "events tag" and scroll down until you see "Advanced Settings" the drawer. Then select "Tag Sequencing" and check the box that says "Fire A Tag Before" and just select your already created GA tag. This is manually telling the system to NOT fire your events tag until the proper GA tag is fired.


Try that first and let me know if that fixed the errors.


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.47.09 PM.png 


Google Tag Manager "Event hits must be sent after a pageview hit"

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Hello, I try to set it up your configuration but I don't understand when I go to tag sequencing and them setup tag doesn't appear the tag correlated I want to set it up.


Do you have a tutorial for this or a video is better?