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Google Tag Manager - Trigger Exception

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So basically I am creating 2 GA tags for 2 events on my website:

- Tag 1 is fired when people click link on my website

- Tag 2 is fired when people click on other elements (not links) on my website

The idea is to differentiate on-page clicks and clicks that open another page.

So I create 2 triggers:

- Trigger A is All elements.

- Trigger B is Just links.

And 2 tags are configured as following:

- Tag 1: Firing Trigger B

- Tag 2: Firing trigger A with the exception is trigger B.

I think these configurations should work but when I go to debug mode, every time I click a link, both tag 2 and tag 1 is fired. Can somebody explain why?

Thank you very much!

Google Tag Manager - Trigger Exception

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Hey @Mike T,


Let's see if I can help you out with this roadblock. But first, could you provide a little more detail about your firing triggers setup?


Trigger A: What is it firing on? All Clicks or Some Clicks? If it is set on "some clicks" then can you provide me with the firing conditions you have set?


Trigger B: Again, what is this firing on? And provide me the firing conditions.


It's hard to pinpoint the issue without knowing exactly how you have configured your triggers. Also, when you refer to  tracking "clicks that open another page" are you wanting to track outbound links?


Thanks for the info!