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5 months ago
I ordered a lens shade for my Nikon this week and when the package arrived there was a note inside along with the product. It asked me to review the company on Amazon and gave me a link to that and a link to their YouTube channel where they had helpful product videos.   i thought that was a cool idea and something I do not see a lot of businesses doing. If you ship products to customers have you ever done anything like this?     &...
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1 day ago
  Welcome to our Small Business Office Hours!   We’ve created a new discussion post here in the community focusing on a specific topic relevant to small business owners. We encourage you to ask any questions or discuss any aspect of this topic; our Advisors will be on hand to provide expert advice and tips to help you succeed. The latest topic is:   Marketing Your Business for Valentine’s Day According to a survey held by the Nati...
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2 weeks ago
I am adding posts here and someone is taking them off the forum. why is this?? 
5 days ago
  We've been following Pretty Pallets since day one and recently caught up with Jesse Jones-Patrick for an update. Take a look.   You mentioned before that it was a long process to get the permits in your original city. How did you handle that same process when you moved to a new market/state? Washington state is much more friendly to small businesses. The process up here was absolutely effortless. I laugh now thinking the paperwork wa...
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3 days ago
I Just opened a Store in Boulder City. Trying to get Customers any Ideas?