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why merchant products status is inactive

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After upload feed successfully. 


I can see the product in the products, but the status is "inactive".  And click Campaign->Products, the system info that "There are no eligible products for Google Shopping in your linked Merchant Center accounts.


What I need to do?





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Re: why merchant products status is inactive

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Hi Tide

How long has it been since you uploaded? Is this your first time uploading?

It can take a few days for products to start to show in Shopping Campaigns, this is obviously only after you products have been reviewed and approved for use in the Google Shopping product.


Re: why merchant products status is inactive

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Hi Tide, 


Google Merchant can take up to 24 hours (although is typically done in less). Please make sure to check to see if your product were approved as if they were not approval they will not be applicable. 


Here's a very helpful guide to help you verify your status:

Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: why merchant products status is inactive

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Thanks, Joshua. I'm trying to verify my feed data status according the guide. I feed the data successfully. But I can't find the "Promotions tab" , would you please give me a help.

Thank you!
- Sign in to your account at
- Click the Promotions tab.
- Under the "PROMOTION" column, find your promotion.
- In the "SHOPPING STATUS" column, check to see if your promotion is "Approved", "In Review", or "Rejected".

Re: why merchant products status is inactive

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that guide and approval-process is for the merchant-promotions-program --
a separate and distinct program, with an altogether separate approval
process; there is no promotions-tab because the promotions-program
requires a separate approval and has absolutely nothing to do with a
product's inactive status or "no eligible products".


an inactive status, or no eligible products, for product-listing-ads
(shopping-campaigns) typically indicate that --

either (1) the products  have been submitted but have not yet been reviewed;

a review is required and may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so;

or, (2) the products and website were reviewed but the website, business-model,

submitted images, supply-chain, type of items, or feed details, (or some combination),
did not meet the minimum eligibility requirements.


forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts; we would
need a lot more details posted here in the public forum to offer

more accurate suggestions.

generally, check the website, all website landing-pages, business-model,
all images submitted, the supply-chain, the type of items, and all feed
details -- especially if apparel clothing and variants are submitted --
against all rules, policies, specifications, guidelines, and requirements.

for example, website contact information should include a physical address;
for example, website contact information should include a telephone number;
for example, submitted images cannot contain watermarks;
for example, variants cannot be submitted unless all variant rules
and policies are followed within the submitted data (feed) and on
the website landing-pages;
for example, each target-country has separate rules and policies.

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.

see also,6084757

Re: why merchant products status is inactive

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this was a great answer . Thanks